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xpx Getting a consolidated cash flow
  • cash management
  • cash pooling
  • centralisation
October 2nd 2018

Getting a consolidated cash flow picture

For Hoffmann-La Roche and L’Occitane, improved visibility is a positive side effect of cash c...
xpx Emerging market depreciation tests
  • cash management
  • emerging markets
October 2nd 2018

Emerging market depreciation tests the mettle of treasurers

During a year of heightened emerging market risk, FX exposure and trapped cash are concerns for...
xpx A treasury take on Trumps tax plans
  • cash management
April 27th 2017

A treasury take on Trump’s tax plans

“We want to move as fast as we can” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says of the just-released...


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Coca-Cola optimises cash forecasting