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May 28th 2024

Exploring the dynamics of working capital efficiency

The intricate balance of working capital management is a pivotal concern for treasurers worldwide,...
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January 17th 2023

Consumer giants ramp up commodity hedging to prepare for inflation in 2023

Top US consumer companies increased commodity hedges to $16bn, highest in six years.
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November 29th 2022

Funding strategies to beat interest rate volatility

With interest rates rising as central banks try to contain inflation, a difficult balancing act...
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August 16th 2022

Prepping liquidity in times of uncertainty

After managing liquidity during the pandemic, treasurers discuss how they are pulling treasury levers...
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  • Supply chain bottlenecks
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May 17th 2022

Supply squeeze hits automaker working capital

VW, BMW, Ford are taking longer to convert cash as escalating supply chain disruptions force them...
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May 3rd 2022

Consumer & industrial giants grow inventory, extend payments as supply problems worsen

As the Russia-Ukraine war exacerbates supply issues, corporates including 3M, GE, PepsiCo, Kraft...
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February 15th 2022

Automation reaps working capital gains for industrial giants

GE, Honeywell, 3M are collecting payments faster, offsetting the impact of supply bottlenecks on...
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January 18th 2022

Retailers’ pain was consumer giants’ gain

The supply chain disruptions that have marked the recovery from the pandemic have upended working...
December 14th 2021

Shrinking digital sales and supply chain disruptions trigger working capital woes for retail giants

Looming supply side shocks coupled with lower digital sales have attenuating the working capital...
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November 30th 2021

Industrial giants scramble for solutions as supply chain problems hit working capital

Supply-chain problems cause order backlogs, increasing unsold inventory for industrial conglomerates...