Working capital & funding


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14 September 2021

Treasurers fight working capital hit from semiconductor shortage

Hit by a global shortage of computer chips, carmakers such as Ford are using treasury skills to...
20 July 2021

Defence manufacturing giants accelerate payments to suppliers

Emergency US government support has transformed the working capital picture for the country's defence...
29 June 2021

Retail giants digitise inventory, build cash piles amid supply chain squeeze

Surging customer demand in the US has created supply chain bottlenecks, but US big box retailers...
  • DPO
  • DSO
  • inflation
  • receivables factoring
8 June 2021

Consumer goods giants sell receivables to support customers

Coca Cola, Mondelez and Archer Daniel financed an additional $1.3 billion of receivables via receivable...
  • commercial paper
  • Covid-19
  • liquidity
  • RCF
3 November 2020

Securing liquidity in a crisis

Food retailers and software companies may have fared better than others during the Covid-19 crisis...
  • bankruptcy
  • corporate bonds
  • high yield
  • restructuring
16 October 2020

Down and up in the high yield market

Whether their companies escaped default or not, treasurers have had a busy year.
  • Covid-19
  • Hedging
  • International 2020
  • liquidity
  • revolving credit facilities
13 October 2020

The eye of the storm

A new elite of battle-tested treasurer has been forged in the sectors worst hit by the pandemic...
  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • cash conversion cycle
  • consumer goods
  • inventory
1 September 2020

Consumer goods giants grow inventory, extend receivables amid Covid-19 shift

Working capital for consumer goods multinationals reached a 5-year record high of $38 billion in...
  • corporate bonds
  • Covid-19
  • liquidity
3 August 2020

When the going gets tough

After the pandemic sent shockwaves through funding markets in March, corporates scrambled to secure...
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  • ECB
  • Federal Reserve
  • quantitative easing
  • share buybacks
7 July 2020

The great corporate bond rush

Following the quantitative easing playbook of the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve has...