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June 9th 2021

Special Report: Supply chain finance

Key articles from the past year that documented SCF’s rise and subsequent growing pains
xpx greensill comment
May 25th 2021

Do SCF androids dream of future receivables?

Collapsed lender Greensill used AI to identify non-existent receivables which it could borrow against....
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  • Greensill
  • insolvency
  • reverse factoring
  • supply chain finance
April 13th 2021

Treasury leaders call for transparency in SCF after Greensill collapse

Receivables funding, platforms and portfolios need to be made more transparent to have a healthy...
xpx GE Honeywell
March 25th 2021

GE, Honeywell ramped up SCF programmes during the pandemic

The industrial arms of General Electric and Honeywell boosted days payable outstanding with a $1...
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  • accounting
  • DPO
  • supply chain finance
January 19th 2021

Industrial, food companies increase payables as SCF disclosure pressure grows

Days payable outstanding increased as companies supported suppliers through the pandemic, while...
Queue of lorries
  • Covid-19
  • procurement
  • supply chain finance
March 30th 2020

Supporting suppliers through the Covid-19 pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has placed considerable strain on supply chains around the world. Supply chain...
x AB InBev
October 23rd 2019

SCF players call for responsibility, transparency amid rating agency warnings

Rating agencies are warning that supply chain finance is increasingly a form of hidden debt. Now...
xpx Asahi
  • credit ratings
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October 1st 2019

EuroFinance Awards: Deleveraging through the supply chain

Following a €10bn acquisition spree, Asahi needed to reduce a key debt ratio – but by expanding...