Operational risk & regulation


Nigeria LNG
February 14th 2023

How Nigeria LNG Limited transformed its MMF investments by harnessing the power of technology

After facing an array of challenges while managing its investments in money market funds, the treasury...
xpx Treasury your corporate fraud squad
xpx What’s your cybersecurity rating
July 13th 2017

What’s your cybersecurity rating? (You may have one you don’t know about)

Unsolicited cybersecurity ratings are starting to cause such a stir in the US – and lately in...
xpx Regulation rollback begins
June 12th 2017

Regulation rollback begins – does it matter to treasury?

The US Financial Choice Act is that rare beast, an attempt to roll back regulation which, according...
xpx When all the swans turn black
  • ERM
  • insurance
April 27th 2017

When all the swans turn black…

Extreme operational risk have generally been seen as “Black Swans” – very long-tail risks...