Risk management


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28 September 2021

Hedging helps corporate energy users navigate natural gas price spike

In sectors where pricing power is limited, hedging has been a vital tool to stave off the surge...
  • Commodities
  • Hedging
  • inflation
30 August 2021

Commodity hedging vindicated as inflation pain worsens for consumer giants

Persistent commodity inflation has been painful for consumer goods companies like Procter & Gamble...
  • Hedging
  • M&A
10 August 2021

Taming acquisition risk

An innovative approach to managing currency and interest rate exposure on a €6bn cross-border...
  • airlines
  • commodity risk
  • Hedging
18 July 2021

Special report: Airlines risk management

Airline hedging travels new route since Covid-19
  • automotive sector
  • Commodities
  • Hedging
22 June 2021

Volkswagen makes a €1.4 bn gain on commodity hedging

Automobile giants bought an additional $545 mn hedges to stave off commodity surge
  • airlines
  • derivatives
  • Hedging
15 June 2021

Airlines in a quandary over hedging as fuel price rises

Airlines slashed their hedging by almost a quarter, as measured by average percentage of forecast...
  • commodity risk
  • consumer goods
  • FX risk
  • Hedging
20 April 2021

Commodity inflation puts consumer goods giants’ hedging to the test

Treasurers at consumer goods multinationals have adopted divergent strategies for managing commodity...
  • Africa
  • funding
  • FX risk
  • Hedging
  • trapped cash
15 March 2021

African risks become harder to read

Risk management has become a more complex exercise for treasurers in Africa. FX volatility and regulatory...
  • airlines
  • commodity derivatives
  • counterparty risk
  • Hedging
9 March 2021

Airline hedging travels new route

As airlines start returning to the skies, their treasurers are updating risk management strategies...
  • accounting
  • airlines
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Covid-19
  • Hedging
26 January 2021

Asia Pacific airlines hit by $3.2 billion fuel hedging losses

In the wake of Covid-19, airlines are disclosing fuel hedging ineffectiveness losses as flight cancellations...


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