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Career defining moments from top treasurers from Under Armour, Anglo American & Unilever

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3 top tips from Pearson on implementing AI in your treasury from Pearson’s group treasurer

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Nicolas Murat, Cash management and treasury systems director, Carrefour Interview

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Clemence Tarenne, head of group treasury, Babilou Family Interview

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Teva Pharmaceuticals: Driving the sustainability agenda from treasury

January 30th 2024
At the intersection of finance and sustainability, Teva Pharmaceuticals' $5 billion sustainability-linked bond (SLB) issue stands as an achievement in the pharmaceutical industry. This initiative not only signifies a substantial evolution in the treasurer’s function but also profoundly influences the company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) journey.
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EuroFinance’s most viewed articles of 2023

January 2nd 2024
We have compiled a top ten list of the most-read EuroFinance news articles from 2023, as ranked by unique user views from our global corporate treasury community.
Future artificial intelligence robot and cyborg.

Charting the uncharted: the future of AI in treasury

November 13th 2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, over the past few years, emerged from the shadows of technological idealism into the glaring light of practical applications. Its very essence encapsulates the hopes, dreams, and fears of humanity's collective imagination.