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Thank you to those that attended this year’s event.

The role of the treasurer has been propelled by the increasing prominence of treasury functions through the recent periods of market disruption and business change. As the US economy enters a presidential election year in 2024, markets are shaking off recessionary forces and analysts are forecasting modest growth. Global Treasury Americas West Coast 2024 was a timely opportunity for treasurers to join their peers and discuss how to play a pivotal strategic role in supporting business objectives.

Attendees explored the latest tools and strategies to ensure operations are optimised and aligned to support growth from securing liquidity, managing cash and capital as well as monitoring and mitigating risk. Case study presentations provided unique insight into how other treasuries are fine-tuning processes and utilising the latest technology to their benefit from API upgrades to AI in treasury, data management, automation and more.

Keynote speakers on the big-picture themes and ideas that are shaping the business world

Radhika Dirks, ceo and co-founder of XLabs and RIBO

Radhika Dirks, CEO and co-founder of XLabs and RIBO | A Forbes‘s 30 women in AI to watch | quantum computing expert

With generative AI like ChatGPT advancing at a breakneck pace, the question on everyone’s minds is: what does this all mean for our businesses, our ideas, and the future of humanity? No one is better equipped than Radhika Dirks to answer both the big questions and the practical considerations about generative AI.


John List, Distinguished service professor University of Chicago

If you’ve ever ridden an Uber or Lyft, used Tinder or Facebook, or voted in an election, award-winning economist JOHN LIST has changed your life for the better. He studies how human behavior impacts business, education, and public health, and uses this data to help organizations grow. In his groundbreaking book, The Voltage Effect, John teaches us how to solve urgent problems by scaling our great ideas so we can reach new customers, attract donors, and “make the world a better place.

Reasons to attend

  • Fine-tune your treasury processes, from cash forecasting to funding, to align with business objectives
  • Discover how treasurers are using technology and automation to build smarter, more efficient, scalable treasury operations
  • Get insight into different treasury models and practices from more than 50 innovative speakers from various industries
  • Equip yourself with the tools and techniques to become a strategic partner to the organisation
  • Join interactive roundtable discussions to discuss your top priorities and benchmark against peers 
  • Build relationships with senior-level peers and business partners who will help you navigate change and add value to your business

Our news content is based on the same principle behind our events – providing the global corporate treasury community with information and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing that helps them do their jobs better.

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