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Fluor’s Yoder on FX risk for multi-national corporates

12 December 2019
Foreign currency (“FX”) continues to be a hot topic in the media and one of the core treasury functions regularly discussed by CFOs on earnings calls. So how should treasurers be thinking about FX, and what are some best practices for managing FX risks and opportunities? EuroFinance spoke to Todd Yoder, Global Director of Treasury at Fluor Corporation.

Bringing it all back home

3 December 2019
Corporate cash piles have become a byword in recent years. But prompted by tax reform, fear of trapped cash and a need to level the playing field against bank partners, companies are repatriating and centralising as much as they can.

Reining in liquidity risk

18 November 2019
With nearly 3,000 freelance drivers to every employee, Uber is different to traditional companies, and the key risk is payments not flowing smoothly.



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