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April 11th 2023

Strategies for strong dollar and hard currency shortages in Africa

Treasurers at the Spanish explosives manufacturer, Maxam and South Africa-based entertainment company,...
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  • Medtronic
  • TMS
August 9th 2022

Medtronic’s journey to an automated FX hedging process

Automating FX hedging has not only helped Medtronic’s treasury team to save time and eliminate...
xpx Unilevers FX hedging surge failed
  • cash
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August 2nd 2022

Walking the FX tightrope in Latin America

Treasurers at TechnipFMC and Tupperware Brands implemented bespoke FX hedging strategies to manage...
May 31st 2022

US consumer giants suffer $4bn headwind as the dollar strengthens

Treasurers at US consumer multinationals with high foreign currency exposure added $9.1bn of FX...
  • automotive sector
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March 29th 2022

European automakers ramp up renminbi hedges as Russia threats mount

VW, BMW, Mercedes and Stellantis added an additional €70bn in FX hedges in 2021 to protect growing...
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March 8th 2022

US Treasurers ramp up FX hedging as the dollar continues to strengthen

Russia’s war against Ukraine has led to a surge in commodity prices, helping to push the US dollar...
  • Covid-19
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November 2nd 2021

A crisis of predictability

The pandemic has upended the world of FX hedging, with revenue shocks and lack of cash visibility...
  • emerging markets
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October 5th 2021

US tech giants slashed FX hedges before EM currencies plunged

Treasurers at companies with high EM FX exposure caught out by poor decision on hedge timing.
xpx fx hedging unilever
July 6th 2021

Consumer goods giants bet on EM recovery with FX hedge reduction

Unilever, Nestle cut hedges before emerging market FX rebound
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August 10th 2020

A sting in the tail

Tail risk has emerged as an overlooked pain in corporate FX management during the current crisi...