FX risk


7 May 2019

Taking a bite out of FX risk in Latam

Latin American restaurant giant Arcos Dorados has debt and input costs in dollars but manages the...
  • Africa
  • Hedging
19 March 2019

Africa’s costly hedges prompt alternative solutions

Treasurers agree on the need to manage FX risk in devaluation-prone Africa. But hedging products...
  • Africa
30 January 2019

FX risk reins in growth for African companies

Companies in Africa are reporting record growth, but FX risk is a unique challenge  in the region...
  • Brazil
  • Hedging
13 December 2018

Latam companies take natural approach to reduce FX hedging

During a volatile year, two corporates operating in Brazil found different ways to reduce FX ri...
  • commodity risk
  • Hedging
6 December 2018

Corporates face pricing vs hedging dilemma

Corporates are grappling with trade-offs between pricing and hedging in the face of FX and commodity...
  • cash management
  • emerging markets
2 October 2018

Emerging market depreciation tests the mettle of treasurers

During a year of heightened emerging market risk, FX exposure and trapped cash are concerns for...
  • Hedging
28 September 2018

Treasurers improve FX risk visibility

NTT Data, Mondelez and Citrix have taken different approaches to tracking FX exposures. 
  • ERM
  • Hedging
28 September 2018

Conagra, Ericsson, Henkel use ERM to seek out opportunities

Treasurers are using enterprise risk management (ERM) – aka ‘total’ risk management – as...
  • China
  • Credit risk
20 September 2018

German automakers cut renminbi FX hedging as China credit exposure rises

VW, BMW and Daimler reduced their FX hedges while they moved production overseas. But as a trade...
1 September 2018

Unilever’s FX hedging surge failed to stem EM losses

Sharp declines in emerging market currencies highlight how corporate reporting influences treasury...


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