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xpx Conagra Ericsson Henkel use ERM
  • ERM
  • Hedging
September 28th 2018

Conagra, Ericsson, Henkel use ERM to seek out opportunities

Treasurers are using enterprise risk management (ERM) – aka ‘total’ risk management – as...
xpx German automakers cut renminbi FX hedging
  • China
  • Credit risk
September 20th 2018

German automakers cut renminbi FX hedging as China credit exposure rises

VW, BMW and Daimler reduced their FX hedges while they moved production overseas. But as a trade...
xpx Unilevers FX hedging surge failed
September 1st 2018

Unilever’s FX hedging surge failed to stem EM losses

Sharp declines in emerging market currencies highlight how corporate reporting influences treasury...


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