Treasury tech stack
February 20th 2024

Unveiling treasury excellence: Insights from global giants at the forefront of treasury innovation

In the dynamic world of corporate finance, treasury management stands as a critical pillar of organisational...
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  • technology
  • Technology companies
December 5th 2023

Navigating the digital tide: The future of treasuries in a technological world

The realm of treasuries stands at the precipice of an evolutionary leap, propelled by the rapid...
Future artificial intelligence robot and cyborg.
November 13th 2023

Charting the uncharted: the future of AI in treasury

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, over the past few years, emerged from the shadows of technological...
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  • salesforce
August 30th 2023

Bespoke financial management: The Salesforce BAM tool

Salesforce's proprietary Bank Account Management (BAM) tool exemplifies the evolution from a simple...
  • digitalisation
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Volvo
August 22nd 2023

Leveraging digitalisation for a future-proof treasury

Diving into the digital transformation journey of Kraft Heinz and Volvo, treasurers discussed harnessing...
Embracing technological innovations in treasury management: navigating change and staying ahead of the curve
June 13th 2023

Embracing technological innovations in treasury management: navigating change and staying ahead of the curve

Treasury teams must make critical decisions regarding innovation, adaptation, and competition of...
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  • blockchain
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  • DLT
  • Fluor corp
May 30th 2023

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and digital assets: A corporate treasury perspective

Distributed ledger technology and digital asset applications are gaining attention in the treasury...
  • Africa
  • FX shortage
  • MultiChoice
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April 11th 2023

Strategies for strong dollar and hard currency shortages in Africa

Treasurers at the Spanish explosives manufacturer, Maxam and South Africa-based entertainment company,...
Nigeria LNG
February 14th 2023

How Nigeria LNG Limited transformed its MMF investments by harnessing the power of technology

After facing an array of challenges while managing its investments in money market funds, the treasury...