• cash management
  • cash pooling
  • FX
  • real time payments
  • Virtual accounts
24 August 2021

Evolving for the future

Since its IPO, Alibaba has grown from a China-centric e-commerce company to a global MNC. This expansion...
  • forecasting
17 August 2021

Forecasting through disruption

Despite the disruption to customer behaviour brought by the Covid-19 crisis, Pearson developed a...
  • cash management
  • liquidity
  • RPA
18 May 2021

Managing megastardom

Tech giant Facebook is playing catch-up in treasury systems – launching a new liquidity management...
  • cash management
  • cash pooling
  • RPA
29 September 2020

Robotics bring welcome debt relief to Goodyear

Goodyear has underscored the benefits of modern treasury technologies by embracing robotics as a...
  • data analytics
  • Oracle Hyperion
  • treasury management systems
11 February 2020

Wrestling with the future

Scepticism around new providers and technologies persists among treasurers, who are wary of hype...
  • automation
  • RPA
4 February 2020

Honeywell’s AI-free cash forecasting robots

Eschewing the complexity of AI, Honeywell is using RPA to improve forecasting processes, maximise...
  • cash management
  • reconciliation
  • treasury management systems
6 January 2020

Google pairs with SAP to reshape treasury

Google has surprised market observers by cutting back on its own technology and basing a broad restructuring...
  • Fintechs
  • partnerships
  • platforms
12 December 2019

Bank-fintech collaboration – the best of both worlds?

Treasurers often proceed with caution where innovation is concerned – so while some are happy...