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xpx Centralisation frees up cash for treasurers
  • Cash repatriation
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  • Prologis
July 4th 2023

Cash repatriation: is the moment now?

Treasurer’s discuss their strategies and processes for cash repatriation to achieve greater pools...
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  • ESG
  • Impact investing
  • World Bank
June 6th 2023

Aligning financial innovation with impact: Insights from World Bank’s approach to capital markets

Distributed ledger technology and digital asset applications are gaining attention in the treasury...
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  • Africa
  • cash
  • treasury
April 25th 2023

Unlocking treasury and cash management potential in Africa: opportunities and challenges

In the current environment, with supply shortages and inflationary pressures, money controls, the...
Nigeria LNG
February 14th 2023

How Nigeria LNG Limited transformed its MMF investments by harnessing the power of technology

After facing an array of challenges while managing its investments in money market funds, the treasury...
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November 22nd 2022

So much cash, so little time: what to do with the money?

Companies are whittling down the cash buffers they built early on during the pandemic, putting capital...
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  • bank deposits
  • money market funds
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August 31st 2022

US Treasurers hunt for yield as interest rates rise 

US corporations are adding high-yielding money market funds to compensate for the little to no return...
xpx Centralisation frees up cash for treasurers
May 24th 2022

European multinationals hunt for yield as cash balances surge

With the ECB maintaining negative deposit rates until September, treasurers continue using derivatives...
xpx Centralisation frees up cash for treasurers
May 10th 2022

US tech giants sold bonds as yields soared

Led by Amazon, six largest technology companies reduced their bond portfolio by $37.3bn in the first...
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April 12th 2022

US travel & leisure companies in the front line as interest rates rise

Already burdened by debt expense, US travel & leisure companies are expected to pay an additional...
April 6th 2022

European corporates unwind pandemic cash piles to reward shareholders and repay debt

Top EuroStoxx 50 companies are using their cash holdings built during the pandemic to pay down debt,...


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Coca-Cola optimises cash forecasting