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15 December 2020

US companies prioritise liquidity over investment returns

Amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the top 25 S&P companies boosted investments by $150...
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8 December 2020

Coke innovation passes Covid test

Coca-Cola entered the pandemic having recently launched a state-of-the-art global cash flow forecasting...
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11 November 2020

US corporate deposits drop in Q3 as loans get repaid

Corporates in the US reduced their cash deposits as they repaid emergency loans in Q3 according...
7 October 2020

Corporates rode quantitative easing wave with a surge of bond investments

The biggest S&P 500 companies added $40.8 billion in government bonds and $14.3 billion in corporate...
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8 September 2020

Cash returns plunge as European carmakers hoard liquidity

Renowned for their adventurous treasury investment policies, Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are earning...
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24 August 2020

Smart forecasting in the spotlight

With Covid-19 shuttering workplaces and tanking economies, the core treasury skill of cash flow...
14 July 2020

Top US tech companies sold bonds as yields plunged

Tech companies - Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook & Microsoft - sold $23 billion of government...


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Coca-Cola optimises cash forecasting