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November 22nd 2021

US tech giants dump money market funds and government bonds as yields rise

Led by Oracle, tech companies reduced MMF holdings by $17 billion while taking the Treasury bond...
September 21st 2021

European companies reduce cash piles and pivot back to securities

The top 10 EuroStoxx 50 companies reduced their cash holdings by €9 billion while ramping up their...
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September 7th 2021

Treasurers hunt for yield as cash holdings return to pre-pandemic lows

The top 25 S&P companies reduced their cash holdings by $27bn since the start of 2021 while ramping...
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June 1st 2021

Investment income crushed by lower yields

Corporates' foray into equities and money funds failed to offset falling bond and cash income.
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May 11th 2021

US tech giants dump treasury bonds as yields rise

Led by Apple, the five biggest tech companies reduced their government bond holdings to a four-year...
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March 2nd 2021

Corporates wait for investment boost as yields rebound

Top US companies took a hit to interest income during the pandemic as rates plunged. Now as Treasury...
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February 16th 2021

US tech giants pour cash into money funds, bitcoin in the hunt for yield

The top six S&P500 index companies boosted money fund holdings by $26 billion while Tesla made an...
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February 2nd 2021

Pushing pooling innovation through Alipay

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has pointed the way ahead in cash management for users of digital...
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December 15th 2020

US companies prioritise liquidity over investment returns

Amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the top 25 S&P companies boosted investments by $150...
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December 8th 2020

Coke innovation passes Covid test

Coca-Cola entered the pandemic having recently launched a state-of-the-art global cash flow forecasting...


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Coca-Cola optimises cash forecasting