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12 May 2020

US companies put liquidity before buybacks

As the COVID-19 pandemic bites, only US tech giants are able to keep buying back stock, as most...
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30 March 2020

Corporates boosted cash returns in 2019 while interest rates fell

Even before the Covid-19 crisis, short-term interest rates were falling. Using a combination of...
Freeing trapped cash in Africa
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27 February 2020

Freeing trapped cash in Africa

Restrictions in many African countries can make it difficult for treasurers to move cash to where...
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17 February 2020

Tech giants boost cash holdings to record high

Cash holdings at Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook increased to a five-year high.
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  • tax reform
  • trapped cash
  • zero-balance accounts
3 December 2019

Bringing it all back home

Corporate cash piles have become a byword in recent years. But prompted by tax reform, fear of trapped...
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  • FX derivatives
  • Hedging
2 December 2019

US companies boost interest income with emerging market cash

Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and IBM are earning high interest rates by holding treasury cash in emerging...
6 November 2019

Tech giants boost money market fund holdings to record levels

The five biggest companies in the S&P 500 index increased money fund investments by 47% this year...
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8 October 2019

EuroFinance Awards: Harnessing technology

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) enabled Microsoft...
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  • forecasting
1 October 2019

EuroFinance Awards: Optimising cash forecasting

Like joint award-winner Pearson, Coca-Cola’s award acknowledges it breaking new ground in one...
  • cross-currency swaps
  • derivatives
  • overlay strategies
18 September 2019

Johnson & Johnson makes $15bn swap bet to boost income

Johnson & Johnson is following in the route of PayPal using derivatives to increase returns on cash...


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Coca-Cola optimises cash forecasting