EuroFinance Treasury Excellence Awards

The annual EuroFinance Treasury Excellence Awards are the benchmark for treasury excellence.

Every year, the theme changes to reflect the key trends that have emerged in treasury over the previous 12 months. The winner is invited to tell their story at our global flagship conference International Treasury Management which will be held virtually this year from 21-25 September.

Award categories

Mastering strategic change

Just as businesses are looking at radical change to keep themselves relevant, so too must treasury. Disruption is a given.

But how to create a coherent strategy of how to remodel? How to evaluate in advance the myriad risks that new business and treasury models are likely to entail?

Winners of this award have innovated to drive treasury efficiency, control risk and create value for the wider business.

Award for digital transformation/technology implementation

Treasury has become a driver in joining up disparate systems and making their data available for real-time analysis.

This award recognises their role in reducing complexity and increasing visibility and insight, connecting treasury to the business in a way that has not been possible until now.

Award for treasury management/process transformation

As companies grow and acquire others, treasury departments must manage and rationalise legacy systems and relationships, while keeping up with business innovation.

From areas such as cash pooling to real-time payments, this award recognises treasury’s role in centralising and extracting efficiency across processes.

Award for risk management and resilience

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global economic shock, and aside from the human toll has played havoc with treasury forecasts and hedging strategies. This award recognises astute risk management actions by treasury that protected staff and enabled their companies to survive.

Additional Information

Criteria and eligibility

The awards are presented to the companies that best embody the themes of EuroFinance’s flagship event.

They are open to any commercial business, public/state-sector entity or not-for-profit organisation, anywhere in the world.

Banks, FIs, software providers and other vendors are not eligible to enter but we welcome submissions on behalf of your corporate clients.

Competition for the awards is strong, and so it is unlikely (but not impossible) that treasuries from the smallest businesses will satisfy the criteria.

Guidelines and tips

  • To ensure consistency and fairness in judging, the online entry form is a mandatory first step for all applications.
  • Please provide a clear explanation as to why the nominated company should win the award. Supporting information should ideally be on one side of A4 and emailed to after completing the online form.
  • You may submit supporting material but this must be in English. Supporting material including testimonials from the chief executive, investors, bankers, or internal customers/stakeholders may be helpful but is not necessary.
  • Any commercially sensitive information in the entry should be marked as such and will not be published by the judging panel. Please note, however, that we require an adequate amount of disclosure to justify the award.
  • Winners will be expected to have a treasury executive available for interview for an article on the EuroFinance website. Their company communications teams should be aware of this.
  • Deadline is 10 July 2020

Judging process

  • The judging panel will comprise members of the EuroFinance editorial, research and programming teams, chaired by the Senior Editor. Their decision will be based purely on merit.
  • The judging panel may conduct its own additional research or put questions to the entrants in order to clarify the submissions.
  • Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed by a member of our senior editorial team and the most interesting stories forwarded to our editorial panel.
  • Entrants will be notified whether they have won or been shortlisted as soon after the closing date as a thorough judging process allows.
  • Anyone considering entering these awards who has any questions about the rules or procedures may email

Winner’s entitlement

The award winners will be presented with their awards at our annual flagship conference. Winners will be asked to give a presentation on the achievements that won the award.

The winners will be interviewed for an article about their achievements that will be published on the EuroFinance website.

Winners can publicise themselves as the “Winner of the EuroFinance Treasury Award for Excellence 2020” and use the Award logo on their website and other materials.

Banks and vendors whose clients win an award may license the Award logo from EuroFinance. Contact for further details.

Past Winners

Overall award: Mastering strategic change

Winner: Microsoft
Runner-up: Intrado

Treasury management & process transformation award

Winner: Pearson
Coca-Cola Co.
Runner-up: Coca-Cola Co.

Digital transformation & technology implementation award

Winner: Wärtsilä
Runner-up: ABB

Innovation in risk & financing award

Asahi Group
Winner: Asahi Group