Poor cash visibility can lead directly to increased financial and strategic risks


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Gaining visibility over cash is a perennial challenge for corporate treasury departments – one that few treasurers have yet to fully master. Yet today’s treasurers have access to some of the best technologies out there for cashflow management. So, the question is: why is it still so hard?

One good answer is probably that there are fundamentals which must be addressed first. The starting point on this ‘back to basics’ journey has to be reviewing data quality and timeliness. Treasury functions are data driven. This underpins everything that treasury does – and poor-quality information is not an option.

To remain a strategic advisor to the business and add value at a time when external headwinds are strong, finance and treasury functions must address their cash visibility inefficiencies sooner rather than later. This starts with clean, transparent, real-time data that for example starts with a streamlined and standardized payment process.

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