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June 23rd 2020

Consumer goods companies slashed purchases, extended payables as pandemic disrupted customers

DPOs hit record highs for a slew of food and consumer goods multinationals in Q1 2020 as treasurers...
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June 8th 2020

Covid-19 rapidly accelerated digital transformation at big US retailers in Q1

US big-box retailers reaped working capital benefits in Q1 amid rapid shift to e-commerce.
xpx Hunting for cash in a crisis
  • commercial paper
  • Covid-19
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  • supply chain finance
May 26th 2020

Hunting for cash in a crisis

Treasurers say cash is king as they squeeze every last drop of working capital from balance sheets...
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May 11th 2020

Funding during the Covid-19 crisis

How do corporates issue new debt during a global pandemic? Two medical technology companies with...
Coronavirus affects corporate bonds as the New York Stock Exchange closes
  • central banks
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March 24th 2020

How Covid-19 infected the corporate bond market

There was over $12 trillion of corporate debt outstanding in three major currencies when the coronavirus...
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January 6th 2020

Making debt pay

Record low yields have prompted treasurers to find new ways of driving down the cost of debt, but...
xpx AmazonCCC
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October 1st 2019

Zumwalt Bows Out As Retail Rivals Snap At Amazon’s Heels

A key treasury parameter reveals how traditional US retailers are catching up with Amazon’s online...
Xylem header image
  • cross-currency swaps
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August 20th 2019

Treasury goes green

Xylem's treasury team has been able to integrate sustainable finance practices with traditional...
xpx Global Liquidity
April 10th 2019

Global liquidity and cash: keeping the product pipeline flowing

In the global economy, companies must explore new overseas markets. This presents challenges for...
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March 19th 2019

Out of Africa

On both sides of the balance sheet, treasurers describe Africa’s myriad regulatory frameworks...