xpx Treasury Management
  • automation
September 27th 2018

Our function is too strategic for automation, treasurers say

Companies with complex balance sheets or credit rating challenges are finding that treasury automation...
xpx Home Depot’s treasury
  • blockchain
September 20th 2018

Home Depot’s treasury puts suppliers on blockchain

In an attempt to end supplier disputes that lead to bloated inventory, Home Depot is putting its...
xpx The blockchain in practice
April 16th 2018

The blockchain in practice

Most treasurers get the theory, and most know something about the many pilot projects and consortia...
xpx Tailored Treasury
April 16th 2018

Tailored treasury: The promise of FinTech

Disruptive new technologies promise to shake-up the payments space by offering highly-tailored services...
xpx i treasurer
February 7th 2018


Is the current obsession with artificial intelligence in all things financial just hype, or is the...
xpx The  signs of intelligent treasury
May 25th 2017

The 7 signs of intelligent treasury

Pattern recognition, machine learning, robotic process automation and true artificial intelligence...
xpx Treasury technoogy wish list
April 27th 2017

Treasury’s technology wish list

New technology promises to transform treasury, but what are the pain points treasurers would like...