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xpx greensill comment
May 25th 2021

Do SCF androids dream of future receivables?

Collapsed lender Greensill used AI to identify non-existent receivables which it could borrow against....
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January 5th 2021

EuroFinance’s top articles of 2020

Take a look at the top ten most-read EuroFinance news articles from 2020, as ranked by unique user...
x high yield markets
  • bankruptcy
  • corporate bonds
  • high yield
  • restructuring
October 16th 2020

Down and up in the high yield market

Whether their companies escaped default or not, treasurers have had a busy year.
xpx the great bond rush
  • corporate bonds
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  • ECB
  • Federal Reserve
  • quantitative easing
  • share buybacks
July 7th 2020

The great corporate bond rush

Following the quantitative easing playbook of the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve has...
Coronavirus affects corporate bonds as the New York Stock Exchange closes
  • central banks
  • corporate bonds
  • Covid-19
  • debt capital markets
March 24th 2020

How Covid-19 infected the corporate bond market

There was over $12 trillion of corporate debt outstanding in three major currencies when the coronavirus...
  • Book review
March 13th 2020

The Dangers of Carry for Corporate Treasurers

Amid global market turmoil, carry trades are unraveling. A new book contains powerful insights for...
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January 7th 2020

EuroFinance’s top articles of 2019

Take a look at the top ten most-read EuroFinance news articles from 2019, as ranked by unique user...
xpx Copo
September 3rd 2019

Surviving treasury: where globalisation and digital transformation collide

Leslie Holstrom, producer of this year's EuroFinance international treasury management conference,...