Webinar: Danfoss and the journey towards a perfect world of payments

30 November 2021 | 4:00pm CET

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Global enterprises and CFOs struggle with payments complexity. Internal and external structures are heterogeneous and a bridging platform to “plug & play” is missing.

In this webinar, Danfoss’s treasury team, accompanied by Erol Bozak CPO and Founder at TIS will give their insights on some of the challenges faced by Danfoss in their payments and cashflow functions and how they have set out on a path towards synchronized processes, systems and data using Enterprise Payment Optimization.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • How can the Danfoss journey be applied to your organization
  • How can you assess in which stage you are?
  • How do the capabilities Connect, Collaborate, Pay, Analyze and Improve enable a continuous improvement lifecycle?
  • What is the ideal stage of maturity to reach for your company?


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