Learn international treasury in just 10 days | 3-14 August 2015

Discover everything you need to know about international treasury and cash management on our Summer School training course.

What is innovation and does it matter?

Join Salim Ismail as he talks about how the world's brightest minds are coming together to solve the world's most perplexing problems. Miami on 13-15 May

EuroFinance Conference Asia 2015

Save $810 on your ticket to Asia's prestigious treasury event

Secure your place at Asia's most international corporate treasury event by 27 March 2015 to book your ticket at the best rate.

Discover how best to invest your business’ time

Hear Alec Ross talking about the next wave of innovation that will disrupt companies and markets. May 13-15, Miami.

EuroFinance Turkey 2015

Türkiye: Bütün Hazine uzmanlarının bilmesi gereken

Bir araya gelerek çözümleri ve en iyi uygulamaları paylaşmak için bundan daha önemli bir etkinlik hiç düzenlenmemişti. 20-21 Nisan 2015 İstanbul

EuroFinance Conference Miami 2015

Treasury steps up to the plate: Growing in times of disruption

Meet your peers and leading providers at the most international corporate treasury and finance event for the Americas on May 13-15, 2015 | Miami, US


EuroFinance Corporate Treasury Network

A snapshot of what is coming up across the Network, including the latest reports to download, the launch of three new groups and the next peer group sessions.


EuroFinance Copenhagen 2015

Read more about our flagship conference – the leading event for senior-level, international treasurers.

The sophistication, level of expertise and networking opportunities are unrivaled by any other event of its kind. 

Latest news
  • Yıkıcı İnovasyon Dalgasıyla Başa Çıkmak

    Lütfen bir dakikanızı ayırarak Risk  Yönetimi konusundaki kısa anketimizi cevaplar mısınız?

  • Webinar: Overcoming your current supply chain finance obstacles

    Supply Chain webinar: Overcoming your current supply chain finance obstacles

  • It's early registration week for Miami 2015!

    It's an all-star lineup in Miami on 13-15 May, where the best in treasury are meeting to help tackle the forces of disruption and shape the future of the corporate world.

  • Ride The Wave Of Disruptive Innovation

    Disruptive innovation – you’ve heard the phrase, but what does it mean generally, and more specifically for treasury? In this article, Leslie Holstrom shows how not to be dazed by disruption.

  • Yıkıcı İnovasyon Dalgasıyla Başa Çıkmak

    Yıkıcı inovasyon - bu deyimi duymuşsunuzdur ama genel olarak ve özelde hazine için bu deyimin anlamı nedir? Leslie Holstrom bu makalesinde yıkımın kafa karıştırmamasının yollarını açıklıyor.

  • Survey: Is your bank about to exit one of your key markets?

    Please complete our quick survey on how bank relationships are changing.

  • Webinar - Derivatives in Nigeria and their application

    Discover how the financial derivatives services infrastructure is developing in Nigeria and what new instruments are available to corporates.

  • Specialist Workshop – Cash Forecasting

    Are you responsible for your company’s cash forecasting and are you working on a project to improve in 2015? Join like-minded treasurers at this specialist workshop to explore the challenges and solutions to improved forecasting.

  • Visibilidade de caixa irá melhorar para os tesoureiros na América Latina

    63% dos tesoureiros e profissionais de finanças sênior no Brasil disseram que esperam uma melhora na visibilidade de caixa em 2015

  • Compliance workload set to increase for treasurers in Southern Africa, survey reveals

    78% of treasury professionals in Southern Africa expect to spend more time on compliance in 2015

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