Discover how innovative thinking helped reinvent Formula 1

Join Mark Gallagher as he explains how innovation can be applied to the corporate structure in Singapore on 20-22 May 2015.

Discover what's happening inside China's banks

Listen to Michael Pettis discuss the extent of China's credit problem and its impact on future growth on 20-22 May in Asia.

Get the latest RMB liquidity solutions

Join Jackson Xu as he discusses how Alstom created workable RMB structure in Singapore on 20-22 May 2015.

Learn international treasury in just 10 days | 3-14 August 2015

Discover everything you need to know about international treasury and cash management on our Summer School training course.

What is innovation and does it matter?

Join Salim Ismail as he talks about how the world's brightest minds are coming together to solve the world's most perplexing problems. Miami on 13-15 May

Discover how best to invest your business’ time

Hear Alec Ross talking about the next wave of innovation that will disrupt companies and markets. May 13-15, Miami.

EuroFinance Conference Miami 2015

Treasury steps up to the plate: Growing in times of disruption

Meet your peers and leading providers at the most international corporate treasury and finance event for the Americas on May 13-15, 2015 | Miami, US


EuroFinance Corporate Treasury Network

A snapshot of what is coming up across the Network, including the latest reports to download, the launch of three new groups and the next peer group sessions.


EuroFinance Copenhagen 2015

Read more about our flagship conference – the leading event for senior-level, international treasurers.

The sophistication, level of expertise and networking opportunities are unrivaled by any other event of its kind. 

Latest news
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    Maximise your time in Singapore with the dedicated event app.

  • Önümüzdeki zorluklar hakkında zorlu bir konuşma

    Önümüzdeki zorluklar hakkında zorlu bir konuşma - BloomberHT Min 03:45

  • Colombia rising

    Mauricio Cárdenas, Colombia’s Minister of Finance and Public Credit talks to Mariel Barclay about the attractions for treasury doing business in the country.

  • The long road to eBAM

    When will companies and banks finally be able to rip up their paper bank account documents?
    Bija Knowles investigates.

  • Hanging on the line

    Unlike parts of Africa, mobile payments have yet to make great inroads in Latin America, where they may make some sound sense.
    Mariel Barclay investigates the reasons.

  • Take your positions for M&A

    Whether scoping a deal, funding it or being involved in post-merger integration there are certain key things treasury should do to drive long-term value in M&A.
    By Katharine Morton

  • SEPA - The end of the beginning

    Often misleadingly referred to as the ‘Sepa end date’, 1 February 2014 will mark the beginning of a new era in European payments.
    Rebecca Brace reports.

  • Bewitched, bothered and bewildered

    The story of regulation carries on endlessly in consultation, complexity, and in some cases regulation to get rid of complexity.
    James Ball tries to get to grips with the issues for treasurers.

  • Getting the sequencing right

    China’s liquidity crunch at the end of June 2013 served as a wake-up call for banks and corporations.

  • RMB for real: Enough buckets to make a splash?

    China’s currency liberalisation may soon make cash pooling easy. Now though, treasurers are making do with buckets for pooling.
    By Wu Chen

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