Treasury Systems: Review, Renew and Integrate

March 22-23 2022 | 2pm-4pm GMT

This course will look at the opportunities treasury technology can provide. Discover whether you need to completely re-engineer your treasury technology, replace legacy systems or simply upgrade and enhance existing infrastructure. This includes a framework of how to define your requirements for the optimum systems configuration for your organisation and how to run a successful selection and implementation project and the benefits of efficient integration.

Who is this course for

  • Treasury personnel who want to review their current treasury technology, those about to start a project or are already in a project and need further guidance/
  • IT personnel who are part of the project team/
  • Systems suppliers and financial institutions who need to understand their clients’ perspective.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Maximise the benefits of treasury technology within your own organisation
  • Identify opportunities for an in-house review of processes and systems
  • Build a treasury system requirements definition
  • Be aware of the products available in the market
  • Understand the steps necessary to complete a successful technology project from selection to implementation

Course agenda

  • Reviewing Treasury and Selecting Systems
    Start time: 2:00 pm End time: 4:00 pm

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Delegates issues and course needs
    • The treasurer’s view
    • The drivers for investing in new technology
    • The role of technology
    • Systems used in treasury – an overview

    Case Study and examples: System configuration

    Reviewing processes and technology in your company

    • “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” – or do I leave my comfort zone?
    • What is treasury trying to achieve? Do you have a mission statement?
    • Review processes and how technology is applied
    • Integrating systems
    • Identify the need

    Case Study – Fine Tuning Treasury around existing processes and systems

    Case Study – Develop existing systems

    Case Study – Replace TMS

    COVID 19 – Working in different times

    • Running the project
    • What options are there?
    • Discussion

    Starting the Project – First steps

    • Examining the three alternatives
    • Project goals
    • Commitment and budget
    • Project team formation – partly remote? Discuss.
    • Project plan – planning ahead
    • Review and requirements definition – key project document
    • Proposed system map/configuration
  • System Selection and System Implementation
    Start time: 2:00 pm End time: 4:00 pm


    • Recap of Session 1 and questions
    • Introduction to Session 2

    Selecting systems (applicable and adaptable to TMS and all other advanced systems used within treasury)

    • Information gathering and RFI – collecting the data and knowledge
    • Building the Request for Proposal document (RFP)
    • First round demonstrations – preparation and running
    • System workshops – preparation and running
    • Final decision and contract – Making the final decision
    • The supplier’s role – general and COVID19 specific.

    Review of systems available

    • A high level view of the various suppliers with some introductory supplier slides.

    Case Studies

    A selection of case studies involving the selection and implementation of treasury systems – successes and problems.

    System Implementation – Managing the project

    • Preparation and organization
    • Working around COVID 19
    • Project governance and the necessary documentation

    Group discussion – What problems?

    • Project plan
    • On-going management
    • Closing the project
    • Project management skills
    • What happens next