International Treasury & Cash Management – Intermediate

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  • Bridgetown, Barbados | December 9th-11th 2024 | From USD $2,495
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  • Course overview

    The treasury function has become a key strategic resource in the midst of today’s business volatility. The challenges are complex, and many companies have been hard at work simplifying, standardizing and automating their treasury processes in order to free up the resources required to reliably deliver operational excellence. This course provides insight into treasury’s global role and its response to the many challenges being faced.

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  • Learning objectives

    • Gain insights into the challenges currently facing treasury organizations
    • Understand the processes and tools leveraged by treasury to deliver excellence
    • Review and assess the relevance of current best practices
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  • Who is the course for?

    This course is designed for treasury professionals with at least 3 years of operational experience in corporate settings. It is also relevant for bankers and technology providers in client facing roles.

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  • Key benefits

    • Deep dives into the details that matter to treasury
    • Case studies that reveal value-adding approaches that address treasury’s common pain points
    • Appreciation for the urgency and skill sets required to address treasury’s new and emerging requirements
    • Learn from a trainer with experience and expertise gleaned from roles as treasurer, consultant and frequent treasury conference chairperson
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Course agenda

  • Day 1 Corporate Treasury Overview down-arrow
    • 9am

      Welcome and Introduction

        • Expectations for the course
        • Current treasury backdrop: global & individual local specifics
    • 10am

      Treasury Overview

      • Why is treasury needed?
      • Core deliverables by treasury: Top 4
    • 10.45am


    • 11am

      Organizational approaches

      • Business models & structures in place
        • Treasury function remit; legal structure
        • Options: global/regional/local; centralized/decentralized
        • Role for shared services; outsourcing
      • Centralization: focus on visibility, reliability, speed, STP
      • Culture: mindset embracing urgency and adaptability
    • 11.45am

      Critical focus on timely access to data

    • 12.30am


    • 1.30pm

      Treasury Landscape: key specifics

        • Money movement and commercial flows
          • Clearing/settlement, central banks
      • Infrastructure
        • Banks, bank accounts/architecture, role for SWIFT
    • 2.30pm

      Treasury Tool Box: support for meeting obligations

      • Payments and collections
        • Cross border settlement, POBO and ROBO, etc.
      • Funding and investing
        • Debt, revolvers, deposits, etc.
      • Treasury operations: processes to globally manage daily liquidity
        • Cash concentration, pooling and netting, etc.
    • 3.15pm

      Quick quiz on the basics

    • 3.30pm


    • 3.45pm

      Case Studies: traditional centralization approaches

    • 4.15pm

      Group exercise: current pain points & frustrations

    • 5.15pm

      Recap the day

  • Day 2 Importance of Liquidity and Risk Management down-arrow
    • 9am

      Revisit Day 1

    • 9.15am

      Liquidity Management: Cash is King

        • Daily operational routines
          • Cash positions as starting point to the day
        • Cash forecasting: focus on cash in bank
          • Methodologies, tenors, variance analysis, networks
          • Advance notice enables readiness
        • Overarching challenges and barriers
          • Cyber/fraud threats
          • Tax withholding, trapped cash
          • Compliance
    • 10.45am

      Case study & discussion – impact of geographic complications

    • 11.45am

      Risk Management: Prepare for Uncertainties

        • Overall framework, role for financial policies
        • Financial risks: FX, rates, exposures, credit/counterparties, debt covenants
        • Mitigation by Treasury: due diligence, hedging, insurance as required
        • Compliance and regulatory risks
    • 12.45pm


    • 1.45pm

      Role for Treasury Technology

        • Treasury ecosystem: systems & tools in use
        • Drivers of centralization/transformation/digitization
          • Real time decision making
          • ERP, TMS, APIs, RPA, AI, ML, DLT, plus others
          • IHB: intercompany complexities
    • 2.45pm


    • 3pm

      Case study & discussion – readiness for cloud, SaaS, AI opportunities

    • 4pm

      Delivering excellence as end game

        • Integration challenges in pursuit of timely “single source of truth”
        • Implementation, project and change management
        • Role as effective convenor
    • 5pm

      Recap the day

    • 5.30pm

      End of Day 2

  • Day 3 It’s a People Business: Relationships, Leadership and Opportunities down-arrow
    • 9am

      Revisit Day 2

    • 9.15am

      Relationships and Partnerships: It’s a team game!

        • Internal: businesses and functions, particularly tax, legal and accounting
          • Also IT and procurement
        • External: banks and vendors/fintechs
        • Other third parties: agencies, regulators, advisors
    • 10am

      Selecting partners, on-going management of relationships

        • Successful use of RFI/RFP processes: banks and technology
        • On-going role for metrics, reports and meetings
    • 10.30am

      Case study and discussion – Dealing with Caribbean realities

    • 10.45am

      Treasury culture and leadership opportunities

        • Mindset and capabilities to deliver excellence
        • Focus on emerging talent, skill sets and tools required
        • Working styles: office, hybrid, remote options
    • 11.45

      Group exercise: vision for the future of treasury

    • 12.45


    • 1.45pm

      Working capital management

        • Focus on order to cash & purchase to pay cycles
        • Vitality of supply chains/trade practices, role for platforms
    • 2.30pm

      Success stories from various treasury organizations

        • Focus on achievements by recent global award winners
    • 3pm


    • 3.15pm

      Value creation

        • Framework to set context for all treasury organizations
        • Additional target areas for adding value
          • Partnering with procurement: bid processes, credit cards
          • Supporting enterprise-wide projects: M&A, ERM, ESG
        • Treasury checklist for delivering value
          • Knowledge of the business: relationships, mentors
          • Focus on processes, projects, counsels, seats at the table, etc.
    • 4.15pm

      Round table discussion: personal success stories

    • 5pm

      Wrap up the course

        • Share take-aways
        • Build follow-up action plans
    • 5.30pm

      End of course


Robert J. Novaria

EuroFinance Tutor & Partner Treasury Alliance Group, US

Bob has more than 30 years of corporate treasury experience in the roles of treasurer, credit director, finance manager and controller at BP America and Amoco Corporation. He has successfully managed post-acquisition integrations, technology upgrades and corporate restructurings. Currently, Bob is a partner with the Treasury Alliance Group, leveraging his corporate experience in client engagements dealing with global treasury, risk and crisis management; cash management and cash flow forecasting; working capital management; shared service operations and general management. He also shares his experiences by tutoring others in courses such as international cash and treasury management, corporate risk management and cash flow forecasting, as well as by chairing, moderating and speaking at treasury conferences worldwide.

Robert J. Novaria

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