Corporate Treasury for Financial Partners and Solution Providers

  • Virtual - 9am-5pm CET timezone | April 15-16 2024 | €1785 + VAT where applicable
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  • Learn to connect, design, offer and deliver the right products, services and solutions to customers at the right time, minimising costs-of-sale, creating win wins and fostering a collaborative approach.

    Using a unique framework, this course enables treasury suppliers partners to get a high level overview of the corporate treasury function and create practical, actionable steps to deliver the best service to their clients.

    The course encourages interaction between attendees, creating insights into alternative perspectives and competition and encouraging transfers of best practices in and across multiple industries.

  • Who should attend?

    Individuals within treasury suppliers in any customer-facing function (marketing, sales, implementation/onboarding, customer service, product management) who want to:

    •  Understand their customers and the market better
    • Be authoritative, credible, empathetic, and productive to optimise relationships and results
    • Be proactive in working with internal functions and external customers to achieve win-win situations and earn the title of super-supplier

    Teams within suppliers who want to have a shared understanding and approach to delight customers with the lowest cost of acquisition, implementation and maintenance

    Who should attend
  • Learning objectives

    The main objective of the course is to give attendees the tools to become “strategic partners” by:

    • Understanding what Corporate Treasury is at a strategic level
    • Identifying different type of corporate treasuries and how to respond to them
    • Learning the difference between products and services against solutions to needs, and when to offer which
    • Developing different partnering styles and learn when to use them
    • Gaining insight into trends affecting suppliers solution providers and customers and how to react to them

    Leaving with a holistic and structured framework for action and growth. It complements suppliers’ internal existing frameworks for sales, customer support and project management.

    Corporate treasury training
  • Why EuroFinance

    • Real world treasury training
      Leave with skills and techniques that you can immediately apply when you get back to the office.
    • Unrivalled knowledge of current best practice
      We talk to treasurers on a daily basis and know what matters most to the profession.
    • Expert tutors
      We have secured the services of the leading tutors in the profession with both banking knowledge and corporate expertise to give you the best all-round training available.
    • Truly global
      We run treasury events all around the world and attract a very international audience.
    • Practical teaching method
      Our courses aren’t just theory, we use real-life case studies and group exercises to illustrate each learning point.
    Why EuroFinance

Course agenda

  • Day 1 down-arrow
    • 8.30am-5.30pm

      Online course opens

      Course Introduction

      09:15 – 10:15
      Understanding and having a common definition of treasury – Objectives and activities

      · Treasury objectives at a strategic level

      · The components of Treasury
      o Cash forecasting and market data
      o Cash management and transaction banking
      o Risk management and the financial markets
      o Operational Treasury: Data flows, systems & outsourcing
      o Typical treasury processes
      o Strategic treasury 1: Corporate finance
      o Strategic treasury 2: Governance (Policies, controls, reporting and audit)
      · How to fit all functions in the framework

      10:15 – 11:00
      Understanding and Having a Common Definition of Treasury – The people and their Organisations
      · The pivotal role of culture on defining treasury types, structures and change
      · Treasury types
      · Treasury structures
      · Global, regional and local functions
      · Individuals’ roles in different treasury types
      · Interactions with other company departments
      · Building on the previous session:
      o Strategic treasury 3: Offering stakeholder services
      o Strategic treasury 4: Changing to align with corporate needs

      · Enhancing the previous model or framework to incorporate cultural-related aspects

      11:00 – 11.30
      Refreshment break

      11:30 – 12.15
      Understanding and Having a Common Definition of Treasuries – Normal days in the life of a treasury function

      · Cash management
      · Risk management
      · Operations
      · Reporting
      · Error-handling
      · Ongoing project implementations

      12:15 – 13.00
      Understanding and Having a Common Definition of Treasuries – Special days in the life of a treasury function

      · Cash forecasting updates
      · Netting days
      · Supplier-, customer- and supply-chain financing
      · Trade finance
      · Corporate finance
      · Project financing and associated hedging
      · Month-end, quarter-end, budget and plan rates setting
      · Pricing support
      · Projects
      · Policy reviews


      EXERCISE: Product and service sales – Matching a banking and system supplier’s offerings to a customer’s needs and their internal stakeholders

      15:30 – 16:15
      The effect of context on the appropriateness of different supplier solutions – What to offer and when

      · Industry
      · Customer purchasing power
      · Supplier purchasing power
      · Competition and new entrants
      · Economic cycles
      · Business cycles
      · Strategically significant events
      · Frequent and accelerating change

      16.15 – 16.30
      Refreshment break

      16:30 – 17:30
      An overview of different professional sales/partnering models and their appropriateness in different customer situations

      · Product and services sales
      · Solution sales
      · Relationship sales
      · Challenger sales
      · Value-based sales

      Close of Day 1

  • Day 2 down-arrow
    • 8.30am-5.30pm

      Online course opens (and Q&A)

      09:00 – 10:30
      Suppliers are experts in depth, customers in breadth: A guide for suppliers to the scope of Treasury.

      · Understanding the interconnectedness of treasury activities with the rest of the business
      · Being authoritative: Understanding the differences between supplier offerings, features, benefits, advantages and solutions
      · Being credible: Being able to understand and subsequently advise customers, when necessary, on aspects that are not part of the supplier offering

      10:30 – 10:45
      Refreshment break

      10.45 – 12:00
      Holistic relationships: The critical role of non-sales individuals when interacting with customers – Higher touch functions
      · Operations
      · Customer Service / Customer Success
      · Implementation / Project Management

      12:00 – 13:00
      Holistic relationships: The critical role of non-sales individuals when interacting with customers – Lower touch functions

      · Product Management & Development
      · Marketing


      14:00 – 15:15
      EXERCISE: Solution sales – Matching a banking and system supplier’s offerings to client needs (same as yesterday), to respond to customers’ needs vs selling specific products

      15:15 – 16:00
      EXERCISE: Organising for maximum effectiveness – Identifying the skillsets needed to build customer solutions and brainstorming ways to access these skills in different situations
      · When corporate treasury experts are available in-house
      · When corporate treasury experts are not available in-house
      · When the supplier company is in resource- and cost-constrained situations

      16.00 – 16.15
      Refreshment break

      16:15 – 17:00
      Future focus: Customer relationship optimisation
      · Working with ever-smaller treasury teams in times of accelerating change – Supporting the Treasurer and CFO for maximum effectiveness
      · Working with ever-smaller treasury teams in times of accelerating change – Helping the Treasurer and CFO plan for and cope with black box issues when operations are mostly automated or outsourced
      · Improving on the current high failure rates of projects (66%+) – Understanding the causes and working with customers to minimise the probability of material issues
      · Avoiding reinventing the wheel – Not investing in products and services that current or future better-placed suppliers will quickly make obsolete.
      · Going beyond seminars and webinars – Appreciating the ways and value information shared by suppliers and customers can contribute to superior results.
      · Handling black swan events – Understanding minimum requirements for managing material adverse unknown-unknowns.

      17:00 – 17:30
      Recap and Q&A

      Close of Day 2


Nicholas Franck

EuroFinance Tutor EuroFinance

Nicholas (‘Nick’) Franck has worked 30+ years in corporate treasury, trading, transaction banking, and treasury consultancy: 19 years in multi-industry corporates (IBM, International SOS, Agility Logistics and Oriflame Cosmetics;) 7 years in banks (Merrill Lynch and Chase Manhattan;) 6 years in treasury consultancy (CFO Solutions.) In these companies, his work has been mainly on startups and change. He has worked in and advised on technology, processes, outsourcing, treasury functions & treasury centres, worldwide. His expertise covers cash, liquidity, working capital, risk management, TMS and other systems, policy and process change within a business’s broader finance and commercial context. His in-depth knowledge makes him a versatile, convincing and compelling trainer.

Nicholas Franck



20% UK VAT must be added if the paying customer is based in the EU but not VAT registered, is based in the UK, or is taking the course as an individual, not via their company.