Risk management


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xpx Uber
November 18th 2019

Reining in liquidity risk

With nearly 3,000 freelance drivers to every employee, Uber is different to traditional companies,...
xpx Marsh
  • Brexit
  • Financing
  • FX hedging
  • Interest rate hedging
  • M&A
June 19th 2019

How Marsh McLennan bought a $7bn no-deal Brexit hedge from Goldman

Charged with risk managing a transatlantic merger deal, the group’s treasurer bought an unusual...
xpx cyber
  • Cyber risk
  • Operational risk
  • Regulation
June 19th 2019

The rise of the cyber counterparty

As digital technology transforms treasury processes, cyber, legal and regulatory risk has moved...
xpx Parameters of risk
April 10th 2019

Treasury’s new parameters of risk

Risk management has always sat at the heart of treasury, but today’s treasury teams tackle much...
xpx Corporates face pricing vs hedging dilemma
  • commodity risk
  • Hedging
December 6th 2018

Corporates face pricing vs hedging dilemma

Corporates are grappling with trade-offs between pricing and hedging in the face of FX and commodity...
  • commodity risk
  • Hedging
November 28th 2018

Airlines divided on hedge benefits as oil volatility surges

US giants defend their no-hedging policy while accounting rules help keep Europeans in the pro-hedging...
xpx Conagra Ericsson Henkel use ERM
  • ERM
  • Hedging
September 28th 2018

Conagra, Ericsson, Henkel use ERM to seek out opportunities

Treasurers are using enterprise risk management (ERM) – aka ‘total’ risk management – as...
xpx US Money for nothing
  • funding
  • interest rate risk
August 18th 2017

US: Money for nothing

Every three months, the US Federal Reserve releases its Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank...
xpx When all the swans turn black
  • ERM
  • insurance
April 27th 2017

When all the swans turn black…

Extreme operational risk have generally been seen as “Black Swans” – very long-tail risks...


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The resilient treasury: in conversation with Ole Matthiessen, Deutsche Bank