Grid Home awards
September 12th 2022

When the traditional treasury is not enough

CrowdStrike’s rapid expansion has led to its treasury team using innovative solutions to digitise...
Grid Home awards
August 23rd 2022

Winners announced for the EuroFinance Treasury Excellence Awards 2022

This year’s submissions for the EuroFinance Treasury Excellence Awards 2022 were an impressive...
  • cash management
  • cash pooling
  • FX
  • real time payments
  • Virtual accounts
August 24th 2021

Evolving for the future

Since its IPO, Alibaba has grown from a China-centric e-commerce company to a global MNC. This expansion...
  • forecasting
August 17th 2021

Forecasting through disruption

Despite the disruption to customer behaviour brought by the Covid-19 crisis, Pearson developed a...
  • Hedging
  • M&A
August 10th 2021

Taming acquisition risk

An innovative approach to managing currency and interest rate exposure on a €6bn cross-border...
Shell station  e
  • dividends
August 3rd 2021

Updating the quarterly payout

The value treasury can bring to the sometimes antiquated post-trade sector is vividly illustrated...
xpx Goodyear award
  • cash management
  • cash pooling
  • RPA
September 29th 2020

Robotics bring welcome debt relief to Goodyear

Goodyear has underscored the benefits of modern treasury technologies by embracing robotics as a...
xpx Fiat Chrysler award
  • cash pooling
  • ISO 20022
  • payments factory
September 21st 2020

The Road to Consolidation

By consolidating its EMEA banking structure, FCA has automated and streamlined cash management –...
xpx Nokia award case study
  • API
  • FX
  • trade finance
September 15th 2020

Trailblazing the digital treasury

Nokia’s distinctive approach to technology, combined with an ongoing programme of strategic improvement,...
xpx Microsoft
  • AI
  • payment factory
  • robotic process automation
October 8th 2019

EuroFinance Awards: Harnessing technology

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) enabled Microsoft...