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Day 2 recap: EuroFinance International Treasury Management 2022


Day two recap: Here’s what treasurers discussed at the second day of 2022 EuroFinance International treasury management.

by Anmol Karwal

Published: September 22nd 2022

The second day of the 31st EuroFinance International Treasury Management 2022 started with the keynote speaker, Göran Carstedt, former head of IKEA North America, IKEA retail Europe, Volvo France & Sweden as he set the agenda with the advances in ESG and how treasurers will need to shift strategies to achieve ESG targets. 

Sustainability is more than just an ethical practice today, it’s a hope for a new paradigm and as companies increasingly prioritise ESG within their business strategies, corporate treasury emerges as a launch pad for the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

While it is undeniable that ESG is increasingly important for key stakeholders, it affects all aspects of business, from actual operations to the network of suppliers and treasurers need to strategize how to create value during this business transition. These changes were further discussed by the treasurers at Cisco Systems and Eaton during the plenary sessions.  

As treasurers continued their discussion around multiple treasury functions in the five different streams, the second day also featured the future of money stage, the innovation alley and Discovery Labs which showcased how new technologies helped solve the treasury pain points. 

“I have had a long relationship with EuroFinance…there are especially three things that I have valued from the International Treasury Management: Networking, Learning, and a platform to share my learnings and practices with the treasury community” Priti Kartik,  senior director, treasury at CrowdStrike told EuroFinance.

Innovation alley 

The innovation alley showcased the emerging technology banks and treasury suppliers are developing in response to the most pressing treasury challenges from payments and FX to supply chain finance, trade and compliance.

The second day displayed a wide variety of innovations, including the multibanking provider, Cobase; the payments and working capital management platform, Calculum; KYC documentation and workflows platform, Avallone and many more. 

The Future of Money

Money is changing- crypto currencies, tokenization and central bank digital currencies, treasures need a firm understanding of these aspects of money and how these innovations will impact their business. 

The sessions offered a deep dive into digital money, how debt markets may undergo digitalization and how treasurers will need to incorporate these changes within their operations. 

Lab1- Moving money: the payments update 

While much of the recent focus on payments has been on the proliferation of new payments platforms and providers, upgrades to core real-time payments rails and to the linkages between existing instant payment systems are also important to  treasurers. 

During this session, treasurers from Roche, ContourGlobal and MSC Cruises discussed improving cross border payments and bank connectivity. 

Lab 2- All things working capital

Working capital is an important indicator of a company’s financial health. By using it to its full potential, treasurers can help strengthen an organisation’s balance sheet and increase value. But as the macroeconomic volatility continues to test firm’s working capital management to the limit, technology offerings are providing support to alleviate working capital pressures.

During the session, treasurers discuss how supply chain finance solutions are providing sophisticated solutions to all these needs and concerns and also leveraging banking and  technology to allay the challenges in trapped cash.

Lab 3- The ESG agenda 

While many companies have understandably focused on surviving the pandemic, some have had the breathing space to develop cutting-edge ESG programmes and during this session, treasurers at Puma and the real estate investment trust, Prologis discussed how the treasury will need to revamp loans and bond financing programmes as well as risk management programmes to achieve ESG targets. 

As we head towards the third and final day of the EuroFinance International Treasury Management 2022, treasurers will shift gears to discussing the next wave of technological upgradation- Web 3.0, token economics and the metaverse.