Tennis lessons for treasurers

Jul 9th 2015 |

With the Wimbledon Championship on, we asked Dr Erez Morag, former ‘game changer’ with Nike, what he has learned from working with the greats such as Nadal and Federer that could be useful to treasurers. 

Here's what he had to say...

“Tennis is one of the most demanding sports. It requires power, agility, technique, and no opportunities to ‘hide’ behind your teammates or slow down. In fact, one of the other, less known, qualities that determine greatness in tennis is “Near-Far Quickness”, or the ability of the player to change visual attention between near and far targets quickly and accurately. In other words, the ability to shift focus quickly and stay in focus.

I have been testing players’ cognitive skills for a while, including near-far quickness. But one of them taught me that it could be extended beyond the court. When working with Roger Federer, I had noticed that he responds with full attention to every person that was speaking with him, regardless of his or her role or title. It was more than just pure politeness, it was an ability to pay attention to details, to all insights, add them up, and generate a full picture out of the many details.

By taking a series of cues and turning them into a full picture one can enhance the quality of anticipation. A quality that is so critical in tennis and as critical in the business world. I adopted this principle in my daily work, continuously attempting to enhance the technique of adding up the insights, filling the gaps, and generating value for the athletes and organisations that I work with.”

In short, stay focused and adaptable to switching that focus.

How can this be applied to treasury?

Treasury fitness is achieved in two ways. Occasionally there is a revolution. Maybe it’s the Cloud, maybe it’s mobile, maybe it is cyber-crime forcing wholesale change. But more often treasury fitness is about understanding the details of the ‘game’ – the processes, the moving parts, the connections – and continuously improving every aspect of your performance. Incremental fitness like this can bring about its own revolutions and the lessons of sport can help. Dr Erez Morag, uses sports science principles to help business leaders enhance their business. Morag has worked with dozens of elite athletes including footballers Ronaldo and Rooney and tennis legends Nadal and Federer.

Want to know more?

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