Does your treasury have the best strategy for growth? Ask these 7 questions

May 21st 2015 | Middle East and Africa

It's difficult to know how to drive your business forward and achieve growth in West Africa's volatile market. Here are 7 questions to determine if your treasury truly has the best strategy for growth...

  1. Are you benefitting from the new payments landscape?
    The CBN is implementing a new vision for payments in Nigeria. Are you making full use of the new tools available to drive efficiencies in your payments processes?
  2. Do you have a standardised approach to compliance?
    Different regulatory agencies, central banks and tax authorities all issue compliance edicts. Standardised compliance processes help corporates navigate the regulatory environment efficiently.
  3. Is your treasury structure as centralised as possible?
    Treasury centralisation aids operational efficiency as it allows treasurers to focus more on value-adding strategic activities. Is your treasury as centralised as it could be?
  4. Are you ready for rising rates?
    Rate rises and currency volatility in West Africa require strategies to mitigate credit risk and FX risk in West Africa.
  5. Is your treasury technology bank agnostic?
    Rather than running a costly number of different proprietary systems to connect to your banks, bank agnostic platforms allow treasurers to lower costs through a single channel of communication for transaction messages. This provides visibility over funds, security and efficiency in bank relationships.
  6. RMB is here - are you prepared?
    China has increasing its import and export trade flows in offshore RMB in West Africa, while CBN has shifted FX reserves into RMB. Having the best strategy for this emerging global currency today will put your treasury in pole position for the future.
  7. Is your derivatives strategy optimised?
    The financial derivatives services infrastructure is developing in West Africa. It is critical to have an understanding of what derivatives can and cannot be used for in the market.

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