Treasury Verdict: Treasury in your view

Apr 15th 2015 |

Business confidence: Big regional splits

Business confidence is an issue that polarises treasury opinion from region to region. Treasurers in the Middle East are the most consistently confident among their peers, with 78% feeling more confident about their business’ prospects in the next 12 months (the exact same result as the previous year’s poll). This year, Indian treasurers (66%) are feeling more positive (up from 50% the prior year). Brazil, one of last year’s most optimistic had the most dramatic fall in confidence (falling to 55% from 78% the year earlier).

At the other end of the spectrum, treasurers in both Turkey and Russia (21% each) demonstrate little confidence in their business’ prospects of the coming year. Business confidence in both countries has dropped dramatically since last year, when they recorded positive numbers of 61% and 46% respectively. Europe remains consistently in the doldrums, with confidence climbing slightly to 38% in 2013 as against 31% in 2012.

Cash visibility: Can you ever be satisfied?

Having visibility over cash and cash flows is vital in any treasury operation, and yet satisfaction over the level of cash visibility and the ability to deploy this within the organisation differs greatly from country to country. Treasurers in Turkey are the happiest with their level of cash visibility (64%), closely followed by their peers in China and India (both 61%). US treasurers are the least satisfied. Only 29% of them are happy with the level of cash visibility they are able to achieve.

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