Treasury Verdict Russia 2014

Jun 11th 2014 | Europe


Treasury Verdict is the electronic voting and panel discussion held at EuroFinance events worldwide. This report is based on the votes of corporate treasury professionals, bankers and other vendors and advisers who attended EuroFinance’s 9th annual conference on Treasury, Risk and Cash Management in Russia, held in Moscow, on 3 and 4 June 2014.

Commentary was provided by these panellists:

  • Evgeniya Lesnyak, Head of Treasury, Alkor & Co (Letoile), Moscow
  • Vladimir Kozinets, Head of Treasury & Risk Management, ROLF Group, Moscow
  • Dmitry Yudin, Independent Consultant & EuroFinance Tutor, Switzerland (conference chair)

Key findings

  • Treasury and financial professionals in Russia are less optimistic about Russia’s economic prospects for the next 12 months compared with the past year, with 71% saying they are less confident [Question 2]. The majority (52%) also said they are less confident regarding their own business prospects [Question 1] – a downturn compared to last year’s Treasury Verdict live poll in Russia, in which 24% said they were not confident and 46% reported being more confident about their own business prospects.
  • The majority (52%) said they are less confident about the global economy over the coming year [Question 3]. This was in line with last year’s result, in which just 19% expressed confidence for the global economy and 50% said they were not confident.
  • More than half (53%) expect the rouble to depreciate against the US dollar in the next 12 months, with 45% predicting a depreciation of 5-15% [Question 4]. The result is similar to last year’s result, in which 55% expected some depreciation.
  • 61% of the poll’s participants say that cyber-security is not a big concern for their company [Question 12].
  • Most Russian treasury professionals (73%) said that regulatory compliance has had an impact on their treasury activity, with 29% saying they have been ‘significantly’ affected and 44% saying they have been ‘somewhat’ affected [Question 9].