What's coming up in April?

Apr 1st 2014 |

Here is what is coming up across the EuroFinance Corporate Treasury Network in April including the latest reports to download, the launch of three new groups and the next peer group sessions.



  1. Launched three new peer groups 
  2. New reports available to download now
  3. Next group discussion on Sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Next expert briefing on Offshore RMB

Further details can be found below or by logging in to the member portal.

1.  We have recently launched three new groups:

  • Supply Chain Finance group,
  • Nordics Treasury Peer group
  • South East Asia group

The first report for the Supply Chain Finance group is now available to download from the member portal.

We will be having numerous peer group discussions, expert briefings and benchmark surveys over the coming year. To access the report and join all the upcoming activities please click here and update your profile selecting the three new groups.

2.  There are four new reports available to download from the member portal:

  • Financial risk management and FX in sub-Saharan Africa – Current experiences of doing business in the region and financial risk management projects
  • Shaping SEPA 2:0 – Looking at outstanding structural and implementation issues and post SEPA deadline evolution plans
  • Counterparty Risk Measurement – Report on the overall self - appraisal of participant’s current risk measurement approach.
  • Supply chain finance 5 click survey - Understanding the current position and future plans of companies supply chain finance (SCF) programmes

Click here and login to your member portal to access the reports

3.  The next corporate only peer group discussion on Working capital challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa will take place on April 9 at 1300 GMT.  The objective of this discussion is to compare notes on the current status goals and barriers to progress across the region and specific country challenges and solutions. 

To join this discussion, please email emmadbrady@eurofinance.com

4.  The next expert briefing will be on Taking control of your RMB FX Risk and lower your borrowing costs, April 10 and will cover the following:

    • CNH Overview
    • RMB FX & rate structures
    • Taking control of RMB FX

The presentation will be given by leading subject matter experts from Standard Chartered followed by a Q&A.

Click on the link below to register for the session.


Recommend a colleague.  If the above would be interesting to any of your colleagues, please email their details to emmadbrady@eurofinance.com and we will send details on how to join the Network.

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