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The most comprehensive treasury agenda of its kind

This year our event will host eight stages, including the new Future Focus stage. Each stage will focus on a different theme, so you can benefit from a comprehensive mix of strategic, global insights and tactical, granular knowledge.

  • Understand how treasury plays a strategic role amid economic uncertainty and debate how future trends such as bitcoin, Web 3.0 and AI will reshape the agenda.
  • Ongoing economic risks mean that protecting and maintaining cash and sourcing liquidity is the main challenge for treasurers. The core stream will focus on the art and science of cash management and liquidity provision. Our experts will discuss the financial and technical tools needed to protect against rising inflation and interest rates.
  • Treasury technology is rapidly advancing, often making current systems less useful or obsolete. Understand the technology landscape, discuss which innovations are essential and which are “nice to have”, and get the tools to benchmark the solutions that will move you closer to an integrated treasury.
  • Optimising treasury for the new economic cycle may mean restructuring operations and reconfiguring teams. Leading treasurers will discuss practical case studies to help you identify the ideal treasury team and the best way to collaborate in a hybrid work environment.
  • In the current risk-off environment, it is essential that treasurers act even more shrewdly as a custodian of cash and hedge against potential loss where necessary. However, the complexity of derivatives, forwards and futures in hedging instruments can be expensive and uncertain in a volatile pricing environment. Explore the application of risk controls in different market scenarios and evaluate strategies to preserve cash.
  • Get the tools to protect your treasury by managing organisational, structural and technological changes.
  • Amid economic uncertainty, treasurers need supporters and partners to collaborate to achieve greater resilience. Learn how leading treasurers harness partnerships with financial institutions, fintech firms and internal stakeholders to build and implement treasury solutions.
  • Discuss the topics shaping the future of finance, including crypto, CBDCs, Web 3.0, the metaverse, as well as diversity and inclusion, at our new stage. Hear from technology experts and early-adopters about how these themes will evolve in unexpected ways.