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The most comprehensive treasury agenda of its kind

On the theme of “Navigating the new world,” this year’s agenda will empower treasurers to tackle today’s new and complex challenges in order to build resilience and drive positive outcomes for their organisations.

Benefit from the extensive expertise of more than 150 world-class speakers across 8 stages of inspirational keynotes, panel discussions and thought-provoking case studies providing practical insights and key skills to advance your treasury.

The full agenda will be announced at the end of March 2023, in the meantime, explore this year’s 8 stages, including the new Future Focus stage.

  • From key geopolitical and economic debates to the art of successful change management, as well as future trends from bitcoin to Web 3.0 and ChatGPT, our experts will provide thought-provoking insights on world-wide trends and how they are impacting treasury.

  • With a host of risks and shocks in the external economy protecting and maintaining cash and sourcing liquidity is the core challenge treasurers must face. 
    The core stream will focus on the art and science of cash management and liquidity provision, and the financial and technical tools needed to protect against the rising tide of inflation in a raised rate environment. 

  • Treasury technology is rapidly advancing and proliferating into every aspect and function of treasury, often making recent tech obsolete or less useful.
    Understand how technology fits together in treasury now, debate whether there are any ‘must haves’ on the wishlist and get the tools to benchmark and evaluate the tech that will move you closer to an integrated and holistic treasury.

  • Optimising treasury for the new economic cycle can mean restructuring operations and reconfiguring teams to meet the new challenges.
    Critical to this challenge is identifying what the treasury team ideally looks like and where and how the team works together in the new hybrid and remote environment. Learn how this can be achieved in practice from case studies by treasurers across all industries.

  • In the current risk off environment, the safeguarding treasurer’s key aim is to act as custodian of cash and hedge against potential loss where necessary. Yet this is no simple task, the complex of derivatives, forwards and futures in hedging instruments can be expensive and uncertain in a volatile pricing environment. Explore the
     application of risk controls in different market scenarios and evaluates strategies to preserve cash.

  • Knowing that the only constant is change is the strategic treasurer’s strength. Get the tools to shape the future of your treasury be it managing organisational and structural changes, technological changes in treasury systems or other core changes in finance and treasury.

  • In uncertain times such as these treasurers need supporters and partners to collaborate together to achieve greater resilience. Learn form the experience of others on how their partnerships with financial institutions,  fintechs as well as internal stakeholders have been crucial in building and implementing treasury solutions.

  • In this open stage on the conference floor, market leaders debate some of the current and controversial themes in business that, whilst not always front and centre of the treasury agenda today, almost certainly will be in the soon future. Think crypto, the application of CBDCs, Web 3,
    ChatGPT, AI, the metaverse, diversity & inclusion.