Improving liquidity & return

Improving the working capital position of the company is a first defence against any volatility in the cost of capital and uncertainty in the global trade outlook. Stronger working capital positions mean greater resilience to face cash flow disruption through market instability.

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programmes not only help enhance a company’s working capital position and its relationship with suppliers, but also improve the company’s credit rating and valuation.

Treasury tools to leverage working capital from SCF programmes are constantly evolving and include reverse factoring, off balance sheet inventory solutions, dynamic discounting, FX hedging and asset backed financing.

Technology for treasury is rapidly changing too in the SCF space, enabling companies to integrate receivable and payable solutions with cash management and gain greater visibility of working capital positons.

This conference will focus on new and emerging tools and techniques to unlock and free up cash, with specific examples on how Treasurers activate liquidity levers to improve the flow of working capital for their companies, providing real world actionable insights to save you time and money.

Why attend?

  • Hear corporate treasury case studies on the benefits of platforms from banks and independent solution providers in mobilising Supply Chain Finance programmes in their organisations
  • Gain insight into the latest treasury solutions to key challenges in working capital optimisation, including accounting practices, legal and contractual updates, balance sheet management, and IT implementation
  • Discover the latest innovations that are transforming how Supply Chain Finance is transacted across leading companies now and in the future
  • Network with peers focussed on working capital and SCF transformation in corporate treasury and the professionals that deliver new solutions – learn from your industry colleagues!

Who should attend?

  • Treasurers who want to enhance working capital, improve supply chain finance efficiencies, increase liquidity and mitigate risks in their companies
  • Corporate professionals who work with treasury in working capital and supply chain finance, including procurement, IT, operations and finance professionals
  • Banks & technology providers who want to better understand the challenges treasury and procurement clients face and how solutions fit their needs

New for 2020

  • Audience Survey on SCF
  • Enhanced Networking Sessions
  • Quickfire Pitches
  • Fireside Chats
  • Roundtable with Treasury thought leaders
  • Top Ten Takeaways – for the elevator!