Interview: Lord Rose discusses how companies can stay fit for the future

Aug 17th 2015 | Europe

Lord Rose, former chief executive and chairman of Marks & Spencer, gives his take on the strategic role of the finance function in helping companies through challenging times. How can treasury stay fit for the future and how can finance work better with CEOs?


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Hear more as Lord Rose shares 'the Rules according to Rose' at EuroFinance’s 24th conference on International Cash & Treasury Management on 23-25 September 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wednesday 23 September 2015 at 10:00

The fit company: The rules according to Rose

What are the real responsibilities of the CEO when he or she knows that complacency and stagnation kill businesses? To survive, even in slow-moving sectors, companies must move quickly and often, even reinventing themselves to beat agile competitors. Is your sector predictable or unpredictable? The CEO must create a culture in which flexibility is welcomed, in which making decisions and taking risks is rewarded and in which it’s accepted that some decisions will have to be reversed. How is the CEO measured in the boardroom and which of those metrics drill down to treasury and finance? How much emphasis does the CEO place on treasury responsibilities like working capital and supplier relationships? Where does the CEO think that treasury can make a big difference? Lord Rose, former chief executive and chairman of British retailer Marks & Spencer, gives his take on the need for flexibility and the role of senior management in creating it.


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