Is your treasury fit for the future? Ask yourself these 7 questions

May 14th 2015 |

1) Is your treasury as centralised as possible?
Standardisation of core treasury functions is essential to effectively forecast cash, monitor risk and provide adequate funding for your company – no matter what the environment. Can you honestly say your treasury is centralised to the right level for your business?

2) Are you prepared for bank changes coming from regulation?
If you haven’t already felt the impact, you soon will. As banks withdraw from certain countries or substantially increase the price of products - do you have the right relationships and the right amount to be future proof?

3) Are your processes and technology up-to-date and robust?
Automation is essential if you want to get as close to complete visibility of cash and straight through processing as possible.  Are you making the most of the new technology out there? Do you know which ones to prioritise?

4) If sweeping changes are made to global taxation – will your treasury structures remain intact?
The threat of global tax changes is increasing. Are your treasury structures safe and in the right locations?

5) Are your systems safe from potential cyber attacks?
Have you thoroughly considered all the touch points in treasury that can be compromised? Everything from your banks to your payments providers, to internal vulnerabilities?

6) Will your risk policies be caught out by future volatility?
Are you set up to effectively contain a wider range of exposures than ever before including sovereign, bank, currency, commodity and cyber risk?

7) Are all your treasury structures operating at peak performance?
From shared services to payments, working capital or supply chain finance, are there further gains to be made?

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