Treasury Verdict Latin America 2014

Sep 3rd 2014 | Americas


Treasury Verdict is the electronic voting and panel discussion held at EuroFinance events worldwide. This report is based on the votes of corporate treasury professionals, bankers and other vendors and advisers who attended EuroFinance’s 4th conference on Finance, Treasury & Cash Management in Latin America, held in Santiago, Chile, on 26 and 27 August 2014.

Commentary was provided by these panellists:

  • Raúl Arteaga, Subgerente de Finanzas, Endesa, Chile
  • Ariel Mosnaim, Executive Director in Corporate & Investment Banking, J.P. Morgan, Chile
  • Marcelo Bennett, Corporate Treasurer, Celulosa Arauco y Constitución, Chile (conference chair)

Key findings

  • Almost four in every 10 treasury and finance professionals in Latin America (38%) feel more confident about their business’ prospects in the next year. However, this confidence level is significantly lower than last year when 51% were sanguine about their companies’ prospects. Latin American treasurers are less optimistic than their peers in the Middle East (78%), India (66%), the US (61%), China (60%), Asia (58%), Southern Africa (58%) and Brazil (55%), but score higher than treasurers in Russia (21%) and Turkey (21%). [Question 1, see Global Context below]
  • Approximately two-thirds of Latin American treasurers (67%) are actively seeking to diversify their sources of funding. [Question 6]
  • Over seven out of every 10 treasury and finance professionals in Latin America (72%) say that supply chain finance is important to their organisation. [Question 8]