Latin American treasurers demonstrate decreasing business confidence

Sep 3rd 2014 | Americas

27 AUGUST 2014, SANTIAGO – Senior treasury and finance professionals in Latin America are less confident today about their business' prospects for the coming year than they were 12 months ago.

This was the key finding of the "Treasury Verdict" session taken by a live audience poll of senior treasury and finance professionals at EuroFinance's 4th conference on Finance, Treasury & Cash Management in Latin America, held in Chile.

While 38% of Latin American treasurers do feel more confident in their business prospects for the year ahead, this is noticeably lower than the results of the 2013 poll (51%). This year, those actually feeling pessimistic about their business' prospects (37%) nearly matched the positive result. One in every four (25%) feels the same as they did last year.

In the global context, Latin American treasurers are less optimistic than their peers polled on the same question in the Middle East (78%), India (66%), the US (61%), China (60%), Asia (58%), Southern Africa (58%) and Brazil (55%). They match the business confidence in Europe (38%) and only score higher than treasurers in Russia (21%) and Turkey (21%).

Katharine Morton, EuroFinance's Editorial Director, says: "There has been a significant fall off in business confidence in Latin America since we polled in Chile last year. It is not as low as some of the markets we cover, Turkey and Russia in particular, but this demonstrates a marked slowdown in exuberance."