US Cash and Treasury from the Outside in

Jun 11th 2014 |

An update for non US treasury professionals

Date: Wednesday 18 June 2014  |  Time: 12pm (UK timezone)  |  Duration: 45 minutes


The US market for treasury management products and services is large, well-developed and full of quirks that often make no sense to experienced corporate practitioners from other countries. But as the saying goes, what you don't know can hurt you.

What treasury practices need extra attention in order to be compliant with US regulations? What is best practice for multinationals with operations in the US?

This essential webinar will highlight the 10 issues that require attention in the US with a focus on collections, disbursements and compliance. Our expert will also share best practice in mitigating the concerns associated with these issues.

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed for treasury professionals outside the US with oversight responsibility for US treasury operations.

Presented by:
Robert J. Novaria, EuroFinance Tutor & Consultant, US

Daniel L. Blumen, Partner, CTP

Moderated by:
Katharine Morton, Editorial Director, EuroFinance

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