Programme overview

Welcome to the only treasury event that can deliver
a comprehensive mix of big picture global insight
and granular treasury knowledge. 

Hear keynote sessions from around the world

Tune in to hear from top analysts as they explore the global impacts of the developments around the world 
and benefit from our proven track record of predicting future trends!
Now more than ever you need to understand lessons learned so that your team can adapt.
What does the reshaped treasury agenda look like now? Discover it all right here on the centre stage.


Be brilliant at the basics

The effects of covid-19 emphasized the importance of a strong treasury foundation and rigorous processes. But now that the world is moving towards a new normal, what do you need to prioritise in order to survive? 

Get your treasury checklist and find out how your business can thrive. 

Explore treasury's new remits

Algorithmic trading, blockchain and automation — covid-19 accelerated some of these critical developments in modern commerce and reversed others. Find out the latest developments from pioneering speakers and analysts so that you can prepare your treasury.

Hear case studies from top treasury teams

Tune into these fireside chats and case studies from the best in class treasury teams. Get valuable insights into the ways you can improve your treasury operations and add real value to your business.

Plus! Delve into industry specific sessions on retail, aviation, automotive, energy, commercial real estate and much more!

Discover the best digital treasury tools

Take the daunting task out of choosing the best technology for your treasury. Join sessions in this stream to uncover the tech that’s right for your team and solve treasury pain points cheaper.
Cut out the noise and tune into what is tried and tested. 

Get the latest on Payments & FX

Fraud, cyber-risk and technology transformation? Payments sit at the intersection of it all. Hone in on the key technical and regulatory initiatives changing the payments ecosystem and on the big picture drivers that may upend the conventional assumptions.

Improve your working capital &
supply chain finance

The supply chain world was turned upside down by covid-19 and it highlighted weaknesses in companies’ technology, transaction information flows and working capital strategies. The need for digitisation is now critical. Review your treasury’s current systems and find solutions to strength your team — hear from the companies leading the charge.


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