Innovation Alley Showcase

Every year Innovation Alley showcases the latest solutions from payments and FX to supply chain finance, trade, compliance and more.

Take a look at our 2019 lineup of emerging fintechs, bank partners, and treasury suppliers, and discover what they are developing in response to the issues that plague corporate treasury the most.

  • AccessPay

    AccessPay is the #1 enterprise corporate to bank integration platform. Automating business processes around payments and cash management using a suite of connectors which integrate any back office system to the customer’s banking providers. The platform is enhanced by a flexible workflow for security and compliance, providing access to real time data flows.

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  • Adjoint

    Adjoint Treasury provides round-the-clock visibility to corporate treasury of their total liquidity for the entire operation. We improve efficiency by providing instantaneous, zero-cost transactions within and outside the organisation. Adjoint Treasury replaces manual, cumbersome ledger reconciliation between various corporate systems and with the banks. Our solution also provides the ability to manage liquidity in multiple currencies and transactions among approved entities e.g. self-administering inter-company loans with automated, parameter-based interest accruals, withholding tax and accounting.

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  • AZA

    AZA’s BFX platform empowers companies to use African currencies with less risk, cost, and friction than ever before. By acting as a market maker in 10+ African currencies, BFX enables SME’s to grow past their borders and opens up previously underserved trade markets. With a number of pay-in and payout channels like bank accounts and mobile wallets, BFX ensures quick transactions and seamless user experience.

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  • Calastone

    Calastone’s Money Market Services (MMS) helps companies balance their security, liquidity and yield objectives when investing surplus cash by directly connecting liquidity fund managers to their investors, using a fully automated trade process that includes integrated reporting and settlements.

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  • Cashfac

    Cashfac Virtual Bank Technology (VBT) enables banks to offer their customers the full capabilities of real bank accounts, configured to meet the exact requirements of their customers’ individual sector. For businesses, VBT offers a multi-bank agnostic approach to significantly and rapidly augment what service firms offer their clients. The Slide app is a targeted at small business customers built on the virtual accounts structure to provide banking, cashflow, bookkeeping and payments.

    Simon Lyons, CCO of Cashfac’s banking app Slide, will demonstrate the utilisation of virtual accounts by banks, large businesses and SMEs and how the scope has evolved in recent years. Simon will match virtual account management propositions to commercial opportunities and will discuss the evolution to include apps, high volume solutions, bank, corporate and SME utilisation.

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  • Centtrip

    Centtrip’s intelligent real-time treasury management platform has become an indispensable resource to an ever-growing list of corporate clients, including in the highly lucrative marine, aviation, music and film production sectors.

    Whether you are a global company with complex business requirements and multiple moving parts, such as assets, staff and finances, or you are simply looking for more visibility and control of your company-wide cash movement and position, Centtrip’s technology offers you a world of opportunities.

    You can consolidate multiple accounts in a single user interface, enabling multi-currency deposits, foreign exchange and payments. You can also control your business expenditure in real time, driving efficiency and reducing operational costs with Centtrip’s high-value prepaid Mastercard programmes.

    From capturing receipts using the Centtrip app for more efficient record-keeping while on the move to labelling transactions for effortless expense management and reconciliation, see how Centtrip’s platform can also help you enrich your real-time reporting.

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  • Cobase

    Companies that hold accounts with different banks face many inefficiencies. They have to use different bank portals to interact with their banks and other financial service providers and often multiple ERP connections have to be maintained. The more banks and accounts a company has, the more complex it gets. Cobase offers a solution! Cobase is a single point of access to manage all bank accounts a company has at many different banks. Cobase improves cash visibility, control and efficiency. The solution is primarily designed for large corporates and its typical end users are Treasurers and Cash Managers. Cobase uses direct connections, Open Banking APIs or traditional networks such as SWIFT to integrate with banks. To manage bank accounts, several modules are offered. Main features of the platform are a central Payment Hub, Cash Management, Treasury modules and the Robo Assistant. Cobase strongly believes in co-creation. Roadmap planning and feature designs are closely aligned with customers. This year Cobase became a fully licensed PSD2 (AISP/PISP) payment solution provider. The company is now rapidly expanding its corporate client base and bank network. Cobase has recently introduced a partnership model for banks.

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  • CRX Markets

    CRX Markets is an independent, global digital marketplace for Asset-Based Financing solutions and connects Buyers, Suppliers, Banks and Institutional Investors. In the demo, CRX will highlight the main differences to existing products in the market and how the CRX Marketplace provides access to flexible working capital financing through multiple solutions. It will be outlined how the strategic goal of CRX – to become the leading Europe-based, independent global digital marketplace for working capital finance solutions – can be achieved by creating superior economic value for corporate clients and financing partners through innovation, best-price competition, transparency and fully-integrated secure workflows. Furthermore, CRX will describe how a full process automation for all participating parties is achieved through state-of-the-art technology, highest data and process security measures and a deep and seamless integration into the clients core operational systems – a main difference to existing solutions.

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  • CS Lucas

    CS Lucas leverages state-of-the-art technology to deliver an intuitive, easy-touse and affordable treasury management solution which allows corporates to automate and simplify their treasury processes. Implementation is rapid, efficient and with a clearly defined roadmap to success.

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  • DBS

    Topic: API-enabled Instant Payments and Collections for eMarketplace

    This solution, powered by DBS RAPID (Real-time APIs with DBS), is catered for eMarketplace platforms in Asia that are looking to enable a seamless experience for its customers to top-up or withdraw from their eWallets and transact instantly. DBS RAPID leverages the application programming interface (API) technology to connect and integrate banking capabilities with our clients’ systems or platforms. Join our session to find out how DBS is using APIs to drive collaborative solutions and expedite business transactions across ecosystems.

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  • HighRadius

    Discover how Artificial Intelligence built exclusively for Treasury is delivering Cash Forecasts which are 30% more accurate across all cash flow categories, but require less than 50% of the manual effort which goes into generating a forecast using traditional excel based models.

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  • Instimatch

    Instimatch Global creates efficiencies across the wholesale borrowing and lending deposit market, a market largely left untouched by technology to date. Its digital market network involves institutional trading across multiple sectors including Corporate Treasurers, Banks, investment managers and other non-financials. Instimatch empowers treasurers with a true global network, offering greater market depth and ability to increase yield without sacrificing risk requirements.

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  • LiquidX

    LiquidX is the global network for illiquid assets, providing a one-stop-shop for trade finance, working capital and insurance. Our leading technology solution facilitates transactions across receivables finance, supply chain finance, trade credit insurance and other illiquid assets. The LiquidX network is underpinned by a market-leading legal framework and streamlined operational infrastructure which enables corporates and financial institutions to transact smarter, faster, and cheaper.

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  • Marco Polo

    Marco Polo Platform is an open, distributed enterprise software platform that enables banks and corporates to streamline and automate their global trade and working capital finance activities more effectively. It can be run, customised, and deployed by each user. Once initiated, platforms connect and exchange data via the DLT-powered network, creating an interoperable “network-of-platforms”.

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  • Mitigram

    Mitigram is the fastest growing global trade finance platform for Exporters, Traders and Banks, having spearheaded over $29bln transactions, across over 500 issuing banks and 100 countries. Mitigram’s platform offers secure, instantaneous interactions across the global trade finance instrument ecosphere. Among Mitigram’s clients are global multi-nationals, leading commodity traders and many of the world’s most active trade financiers, all using it on a daily basis. Users of Mitigram gain better market pricing benchmark dynamics; enhanced existing strategic liquidity & risk relationships; improved transaction audit trails and organisational structures; deep-dive big data analytics; and can establish new liquidity and risk relationship.

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  • Neo

    Neo FX Hub gives treasurers the ability to define, execute and monitor a sound FX risk hedging program in cost efficient way.

    Our value proposition for corporates:

    – Reduce FX cost significantly vs major banks.
    – Liquidity included. That mean you can trade day 1 on a large variety of instruments (Spot FX, FX forwards, options and swaps) over 80 currencies
    – Key features such as market rates in real time, market alerts, charts, historical rates, order management, comprehensive blotters to monitor positions.
    – Automation: Neo is 100% Restful API so any action including execution can be automatized easily.
    – Plug and Play: Neo is 100% cloud solution. No complex integrations, nothing to install. All can be done by treasury team itself in less than 24h.
    – Security. First fintech regulated by market authorities (CNMV) to deal in FX derivatives, roles and permission, 2 factor authentication, 4 eyes processes.

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  • Taulia

    Taulia’s Cash Forecasting supports better decision-making, improves operational efficiency and reduces risk. Real-time purchase orders, payables and receivables data allows Treasury to manage forecasting centrally. Leveraging document data plus third-party firmographic and credit data allows for better understanding of historical and future cash dynamics. Flexible visualisations and csv downloads of the underlying data facilitate both deeper analysis and dynamic decision-making.

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  • Trace Financial

    Transformer – Mastering the complexity in financial messaging Complexity in Financial message standards continue to increase which can leave some struggling to cope with new or evolving message standards (ISO20022, Swift MT, ISO8583 etc..). Learn how Transformer takes away this complexity by delivering a product where users create and maintain complex mappings without any need for coding or scripting to be deployed into any environment.

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  • TransferMate

    TransferMate has built one of the largest portfolios of payment licenses worldwide, including 51 US states and territories, to support trading in 163 countries and 134 currencies. Creating best-in-class technology, TransferMate has become a premier payments partner for banks like Wells Fargo, AIB and ING. Learn how our tech-based solution streamlines international payments for businesses into a highly optimized, error-eliminating, cost-reducing, time-saving process.

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  • Traxpay

    Traxpay is a B2B fintech that is changing the way companies communicate, interact and trade across the supply chain. With its intuitive Software-as-a-Service platform, Traxpay automates supply chain financing in a secure, compliant and bank-friendly way. Suppliers have access to all relevant forms of financing such as dynamic discounting, reverse factoring and factoring on the Traxpay platform. Supplier onboarding is completed within seconds and provides suppliers with easy and fast access to liquidity. In contrast to other platforms, banks benefit from valuable insights through full data transparency allowing them to develop customized products and sales approaches for their corporate clients.

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  • TreasurySpring

    TreasurySpring is a financial technology company that is unlocking the multi-trillion dollar wholesale money markets. Our Fixed-Term Fund (FTF) platform delivers new digital pipelines to connect cash rich firms to institutional borrowers. Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure and designed in collaboration with leading industry participants, FTF’s bring the power of the largest, most sophisticated treasury departments to all firms holding material cash balances and/or seeking short-term funding, for the first time. For corporations with excess cash holdings, our platform offers the opportunity to decrease risk and increase returns on these holdings. For investment grade firms seeking financing we deliver access to lower cost borrowing options from an entirely new universe of non-bank funders.

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  • Tungsten

    Tungsten offers Total AP and Total AR solutions that allow the full digitisation of outbound and inbound invoices across the globe. Treasury can get a line-level cash view across the enterprise. For companies that have disparate finance systems Tungsten can provide a holistic view.

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