This year's theme - the resilient treasury

With the pace of change in technology running at hyper speed; geopolitical uncertainty ever more volatile and the ever growing need to do more with less – coping with volatility and stress is paramount.

This year, we look at how to de-stress treasury and build resilient practices that allow treasury to do three things: achieve operational excellence; answer the call for innovation; and help the business respond to disruption.

EuroFinance Speaker Pippa Malgrem

Programme highlights

  • The critical issues for treasury in the next 12 months
  • What collaboration with your banks, fintechs and internal business units should look like
  • Case studies of cutting-edge technology in action
  • How treasury can impact everything from sales to procurement to customer experience
  • Digital and technological transformation of treasury
  • Operational building blocks for today and tomorrow: core treasury excellence
  • Introducing and maintaining growth mode for the business
  • As always – risk, risk and more risk management
  • The regulation series – a look at everything from Libor to tax reforms


  • Big picture thinkers who are dissecting your world
  • Afternoon streams on the core topics that preoccupy treasury day-to-day
  • Innovation alley, showcasing the tech companies who are solving treasury pain points
  • Legal and regulatory briefing stage
  • Thought leadership roundtables
  • Fireside chats with treasury movers and shakers
  • 4 Discovery Labs that take you beyond treasury, to the future of financial services and how it will impact your business

New! The regulation series

Regulation has overtaken cybersecurity and other operational risks as a risk management priority for many boards. Take just 15 minutes to update on the key developments.

  • Unlearning Libor
  • Get your global tax update here
  • Bamboozled by Brexit?
  • Dealing with a new money market fund landscape
  • Living with / learning to love faster payments
  • Getting ready for IFRS16
  • Treasury’s role in enterprise ESG

Discovery Labs

Open to all, the four Discovery Labs provide an in-depth look at trending topics. Explore new technologies and opportunities for treasury and take part in peer-to-peer discussions on how to solve key treasury issues.

  • From pilot to problem solved
  • The payment revolution
  • Working capital and supply chain rebooted
  • Finance 360: a holistic view

Complex Markets

It can be hard enough working out the best way to organise tax, finance and treasury in transparent, developed markets, especially in today’s volatile political environment. But step outside that relatively small group of nations and things become a lot more interesting. Yet it is outside that group that much of the world lives and does business. And that is where tomorrow’s profits will be found. This session looks at how to operate in the most important of countries and regions.

  • The ins and outs of sanctions
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Argentina
  • Africa
  • Asia – the move away from China

Innovation Alley

Take a stroll past our innovation stands showcasing the latest solutions from payments and FX to supply chain finance, trade, compliance and more. See what emerging FinTechs, your bank partners, and treasury suppliers are developing in response to the issues that plague corporate treasury the most. Companies confirmed include: HighRadius, Cobase, AccessPay, BitPesa, Trace Financial, CRX Markets, LiquidX, Traxpay, Mitigram, TradeIX, Adjoint, Neo, Instimatch, CS Lucas, TransferMate