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New for 2021

Rewrite the future of treasury

EuroFinance’s flagship international event is the preeminent global platform for the world’s best-in-class treasury teams. In 2021, we return in a virtual format to delve into how treasury operations can gear up for the future, having learned the lessons from the past.

Treasury has witnessed some incredible change over the past 30 years. Countries and regions have risen and then fallen out of favour. As companies have moved to exploit these new markets, not always successfully, finance functions have been at the front of the rollercoaster. The birth of the internet and the digitalisation it helped drive is now all-pervasive and has forced agility and adaptability on treasury.

The relentless accretion of regulation, new approaches to taxation, the rise of sustainability and a questioning of the purpose of the corporation continue to require profound changes in business behaviour. Again, treasurers have found themselves key participants in the debates and the policies. Looming over all of these developments, an impressive bevy of Black Swans has kept everyone off-balance.

What next? This event will delve into how treasury operations can gear up for the future, having learned the lessons from the past.

  • Big picture insight on global trends

    Centre stage will host keynote presentations and debates offering big-picture insight on global trends that will shape treasury into the future.

    Highlights include:

    – The future of the global economy: Goodbye G7, hello E7?
    – 30 years back, 30 years forward: a treasury perspective
    – How business models of the future continue to reinvent treasury
    – The future of finance debate: banking is dead, long live banking
    – The future of sustainability
    – Time for a supply chain reckoning?
    – What treasurers need to know about the future of crypto
    – The future of treasury: partners to business growth

5 themed stages providing case studies, best practices and granular treasury knowledge

The virtual event experience

  • live Q&A with world-class treasurers – join the discussion with high-profile speakers directly after each session
  • interactive and varied formats – the agenda features formats designed to encourage networking and lively interactive sessions with debates, fireside chats, and analytical panels
  • cost and time-efficiency – tune in from anywhere in the world, at the click of a button with no long-distance travel or accommodation costs
  • continued learning – catch up on any missed sessions and re-watch your highlights, on demand for up to two months after the event
  • unite your international teams – as a free event for this year only, take a final opportunity for your whole treasury team to attend. Perfect for encouraging learning and development at all levels
  • one-to-one or team video messaging – enjoy borderless networking on a truly global scale either privately or as a team with enhanced video networking features for 2021
  • flexibility to build your dream agenda – no matter what your interest or where you are in your treasury journey, we have you covered. Bookmark sessions and build your schedule