Webinar: Coronanomics: Impact of Central Bank Interventions on Treasury

Online | 9 June 2020 | 3pm BST / 4pm CET / 10am EST

Make sense of the impacts of central bank actions and how policy will play out in recovery and recession.

Central banks have fired bazookas at the pandemic. From the slashing of interest rates to record lows to rebooting the primary dealer credit facility at the Federal Reserve, and the launch of the ECB’s $750 billion pandemic emergency purchase programme, short of QE, the monetary shelling could not be heavier.

Yet national debt to GDP ratios will rise dramatically as fiscal planning is blown away. For companies, the cost of borrowing will fall nominally, but new demand risks will weigh heavily on debt pricing.

In this webinar, we seek to make sense of the impacts of central bank actions on treasury and seek to understand how policy will play out as we move into both recovery and recessionary scenarios.

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