FX & Money Markets Simulation Game – Mastering Markets!

FX & Money Markets Simulation Game – Mastering Markets!

With increasingly volatile markets and pressure from the Board to predict and manage risk more effectively, can you afford to rely solely on your Banks for your FX information? A one-dimensional view makes it harder to make strategic hedging decisions and reduce risk. And it can also lead to higher transaction costs due to lack of pricing transparency. This workshop is designed to deepen your knowledge of how FX and money markets work to help you make informed and strategic hedging decisions and lower your transaction costs. Using a combination of theory and a state of the art system that simulates a day in the life of a trader, you will be exposed to all the key concepts of why markets, trading, and risk.

Key benefits:

  • Get an insider’s view of FX and money markets
  • Understand how and why markets move
  • Set realistic risk management goals
  • Lower your FX costs using simple techniques
  • Trade non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) and explore emerging market hedging alternatives
  • Experience a day in the life of a trader through a real-life simulation system!

What some of our training delegates say about us

“Excellent tutor and guest speakers”

Assemgul Beissembina, Head of Treasury, North Caspian Operating Company B.V

“Thanks to this course, I can now put all the pieces of the treasury puzzle together”

Tom Thijs

“Excellent, very knowledgeable tutor”

Ulf Sjögren, Senior Cash Management Advisor, Swedbank