Understand and make full use of derivatives in your treasury role

This course will allow corporate treasurers to approach the derivative market from a different perspective. Without complex maths, you will be able to understand the pricing of the most common and relevant instruments and gain insight into the appropriate use of derivatives – hedging and investing in the short term. The course will also focus on the organisation of an integrated risk management and control function.

Learning objectives 

  • Develop a more advanced understanding of derivatives including some unusual profiles
  • Find out about new and innovative approaches in using derivatives, in the context of the treasurer’s “portfolio”
  • Be able to accurately evaluate derivative exposure

Key benefits

  • Develop cross-domain knowledge
  • Feel confident in the use of derivatives in order to adjust the “portfolio” according to the targeted risk-return profile
  • Acquire the right (quick) reflexes when dealing with derivatives

Who should attend?

  • Corporate treasurers who have to use derivatives and structured products in their “portfolio”
  • Compliance officers, risk managers and auditors who interact with treasury where derivatives play a key role and who need a better understanding of the objectives and the risks involved.


  • Basic knowledge of time value of money mathematics
  • Basic knowledge of portfolio management
  • Basic knowledge of ethical questions

What some of our training delegates say about us

“Excellent tutor and guest speakers”

Assemgul Beissembina, Head of Treasury, North Caspian Operating Company B.V

“Thanks to this course, I can now put all the pieces of the treasury puzzle together”

Tom Thijs

“Excellent, very knowledgeable tutor”

Ulf Sjögren, Senior Cash Management Advisor, Swedbank