International Treasury & Cash Management

Barcelona, Spain, 4-6 October 2017
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Wednesday 4 October 2017

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Welcome address and chair’s introduction


The end of the world as we know it?

Disorder and uncertainty are here, but are they here they to stay? And how will the world's people and politicians try to deal with them? Declining economic growth, growing inequality, technological disruption, demographic and environmental issues and seemingly uncontrolled public and private indebtedness provide a common backdrop to a reactionary global politics. And for once, the big picture really matters to treasury because populist solutions to these problems involve a fundamental rethinking of the global business environment, with knock-on effects for FX, interest rate, tax, regulatory and political risks. Or, on the other side of the argument, they usher in a predatory form of post-democratic capitalism in which corporations and a tech elite garner even more transnational power. In this "cross-fire"- style debate, one side will argue that we are likely to become victims of trends outside our control, while the opponent will put the case for those who believe that with appropriate deglobalisation and greater co-operation among democratic governments on taxation and the provision of global public goods, we can survive the fourth industrial revolution and the reshaping of global finance.


Spotlights: essential analytics

Deluged by 24/7 news and analysis? We have the key themes you need to understand covered by the most respected experts in their respective fields. 

Ten months of: After the radical promises of his campaign has Donald Trump’s presidency delivered the expected economic and regulatory shakeup? And how have his interventionist, protectionist tendencies played out in practice? What can we expect to be the impact on trade?

Europe on the brink?: The Eurozone economy has surprised on the upside, but is the improvement sustainable? Have election results in the EU heavyweights resolved uncertainty or prolonged it? And do the Greek and Italian experiences mean the Eurozone needs a rethink or a redrawing?

Brexit bumps: The initial lack of a ‘Brexit effect’ surprised economists but should it have? After all, the main effects will only be felt after the UK leaves the single market and customs union. So how should companies prepare for Brexit without making key changes too early? Will there be treasury impacts on tax, payment and liquidity structures?

Time to take cyber seriously. Really.: Only 5%of FTSE 100 companies have disclosed having a director responsible for cyber risks. But almost nine in 10 identified “one or more” elements of cyber risk in their disclosures, according to a study by Deloitte. As key stakeholders begin to focus on companies cyber-competence, the time for talking has long gone. It’s time to act.

Inflation: In the US, the Eurozone and China inflation has surprised on the upside. Is this a temporary blip or is the unprecedented global credit splurge coming home to roost? If it is, what does that mean for corporates and their treasurers? 

Emerging markets: a rising tide floats all boats. But what about the ebb? Does a stronger dollar hurt emerging economies and make borrowing more difficult? Which markets are most exposed to US policy shocks? And where is political risk the most damaging?


Refreshment break & Speakers’ Corner


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