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Barcelona, Spain, 4-6 October 2017
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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Gamechangers: Identifying the tipping points

Are tipping points real? Will the near future be incomprehensible to those of us schooled in the past? What does this mean for treasury?

Chaired by:
Michael Aragona, Managing Director, MJ Advisory
David Blair, Senior EuroFinance Tutor & MD, Acarate, Singapore

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Welcome address and chair’s Introduction

Chris Stibbs, CEO, The Economist Group, UK


Is the future really now and what do I do about it?

We all know that we are in an era of change. But are we exaggerating it or are we really close to a singularity – that moment when a civilisation changes so much that its rules and technologies are incomprehensible to previous generations? And what if we are? What does that mean in practice for the vast majority of businesses who cannot simply start from scratch and must try to adapt to change? Hear from one of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a long track record of accurate predictions. Hear the predictions and advice for surviving them.

Ramez Naam, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur & Award Winning Author


The Award: Treasury at a tipping point

The degree to which treasury is, or can be, strategic is often debated. Indeed, one of the hardest tasks in modern treasury is balancing the traditional process and risk activities with the demands for broader business-boosting initiatives against a rapidly changing business environment. That said, an indication of the trend is the increasing number of treasurers demonstrating value creation. These are global treasurers with ever-broader portfolios, taking control of financial services, investor relations and M&A amongst other areas to which they can apply their talents. They have tipped treasury over into the value added category. This year’s EuroFinance international treasury award for excellence goes to Spotify. Not only does treasury add value, but they are doing things in innovative and agile ways. Spotify’s treasury embodies all of this year’s award themes from their unique working practices and innovation-focused culture to their collaboration with banks to identify and develop new and value-added products and services for their organisation, and finally, to embrace the value that fintech has to offer. This is their story.

Johan Bergqvist, Head of Corporate Development & Treasury, Spotify, Sweden


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The key tipping points

Hear our expert presenters talk about the key tipping points and predict their effects over the next five years. See which points are key for treasury to keep on top of:

The end of Europe?

With the fallout from the Brexit referendum, political paralysis and the creeping rise of nationalist agendas, are we reaching a tipping point in the debate over the future of Europe? Before, it was the limits of sovereignty, the economics of the Euro and over-regulation. Now it is about borders and the refugee crisis sweeping across Europe. Is the old European dream dead?

Reversal of fortune?

Three major trends have shaped the socioeconomic and political environments across advanced economies over the past few decades: Declining real interest rates, shrinking real wages, and increasing inequality. Are they close to a reverse? With what implications for corporates?

Treasury spotlights: China, oil, credit markets

Banking at the tipping point?

A new banking paradigm: the combination of regulation, hi-tech rivals and FinTech is transforming banking. But there’s much more to come. What will your banks look like when the dust settles? And which non-banks should you be looking at now?

Treasury spotlight: The next financial crisis

What is tipping point technology?

This will look into cloud and blockchain: two technologies changing business.

Sebastian di Paola, Partner, PwC, Switzerland
Frances Hinden, Vice President, Treasury Operations, Shell International Ltd, UK
Oliver Bussmann, FinTech Innovation Advisor, Former UBS Group CIO, Switzerland
Daniel Franklin, Editor 'The World in 2017' & Executive Editor, The Economist, UK
Alasdair Ross, Global Product Director and Director, Industry Publishing, Economist Intelligence Unit, UK
Amrita Sen, Chief Oil Analyst, Energy Aspects, UK
Mark Lewis, Head of Product Management Corporate Treasury, Bloomberg, UK
Daniel L. Blumen, CTP, Partner, Treasury Alliance Group, US
Aniket Kulkarni, Director – Treasury & Trading, PwC, Switzerland
Mark Williams, Chief Asia Economist, Capital Economics
Marcus Treacher, Global Head of Strategic Accounts, Ripple, US




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