International Treasury & Cash Management

Vienna, Austria, 12-14 October 2016
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Macro, micro and technology influencers continue to reshape the business environment, creating challenge and opportunity in equal measure. What are the tipping points that may fundamentally change how treasury exists in the future? And how should you act accordingly? Find out at the most senior-level, international treasury event in the world.

You’ll hear it here first!

The challenges that you are talking about now, we were talking about five years ago: Basel and your banks; changing tax landscapes; the benefits of supply chain finance; new technologies and the world of process efficiencies like POBO/COBO. Come to Vienna to benefit from our proven track record of predicting the future trends and ideas you need to know about.

The 2016 agenda

  • Ignore the hype on FinTech and learn which technologies will really matter to treasury    
  • Calculate the cost of terror, the end of Europe, the coming profit shock and the new ‘super risks’
  • Get a realistic view on the future of banking
  • Discover the ways treasury can jump in and add value to other parts of the business
  • Shape the dialogue on trending topics such as cyber, holistic management and reassessing your cash levels
  • Update and upgrade your working capital management strategy
  • Workshop how to select the best treasury tech for you

Brexit for Treasurers - what now?

As the UK and Europe reels in shock from the Brexit leave vote, the issues that treasury will have to deal with are significant.  Get answers to the questions you should be asking:

  • Hedging: If you don’t have a strategy, you need one. If you do, is it robust enough?
  • Regulation: How much EU regulation and tax directives will still apply?
  • Treasury centre locations: Will you need to rethink?
  • Loan convenance, agreements & funding: What will you need to review?
  • Your banks: Where will they be?
  • Technology: What part can tech play to protect you?
Plus! Update on the longer-term political and economic implications for Europe - and the world! 

Why attend?

Now in its 25th year, this is the world’s leading international treasury event. The sophistication, level of expertise and networking is unrivalled by any other event of its kind. Here’s why...

  • Discover not just the current, but also future trends in international treasury
  • Hear case studies from corporate treasurers – not sales pitches
  • Fit six months’ worth of meetings with your banks, providers and clients into 2.5 days
  • Benchmark your operations with treasurers from all industries
  • Get the big picture view and fresh perspectives from our headline speakers
  • View the cutting edge solutions that are available in the marketplace today
  • Network with an unrivalled senior audience of almost 2,000 delegates from over 50 countries

Who you’ll meet

This truly global event attracts nearly 2,000 senior level delegates and speakers from around the world to discuss the real issues affecting international treasury.

Corporate seniority

  • 53% - Group/Corporate/Regional Treasurer; Director; Head (MD, President, CEO, CFO, COO)
  • 11% - Vice President, Assistant Treasurer; Controller
  • 30% - Manager in title; Supervisor
  • 6% - Assistant Manager; Consultant; Advisor; Analyst


Latest news
  • Whatever you do, don’t mention that…...German corporates are backing Brexit!

    Tuesday 21st June 2016 - More German than UK corporate treasurers think Britain should head for the Brexit on Thursday,
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    Katharine Morton, Editorial Director of EuroFinance comments.
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    The RMB 'devaluation' last week may be a storm in teacup. Katharine Morton, Editorial Director of EuroFinance comments on the events.
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  • Interview: Lord Rose discusses how companies can stay fit for the future

    How can treasury stay fit for the future and how can finance work better with CEOs?
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  • Grexit de facto: Treasurers don’t need to fear

    So, Grexit may be in progress, or not. Katharine Morton, Editorial Director of EuroFinance comments on the events as they unfold.  
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  • Case study: Payment Factory - a worthwhile disruption?

    This is the in-depth story of how Autoneum Group set up its payment factory, including lessons learned and future steps.
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  • Interview: How successful companies go beyond luck

    Author Michael E Raynor says being lucky isn’t a sustainable strategy – you make your own luck. Treasurers should take note.
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    Do any of these questions have you breaking into a cold sweat? Come and get a full healthcheck at EuroFinance Copenhagen 2015.
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What some of our conference delegates say about us

"An excellent platform for networking with peers and sharing economic data and best practice real life case studies. Best in the class for this type of event!"

"The speakers were very knowledgeable in their fields and made good use of practical examples in their presentations."