Treasury: Coping with the Crisis of Complexity

For most people and companies, the difficulty over the past 20 to 30 years has been the pace of change, not change itself.  This has required agility which is now a staple of management texts. But from the environment, to politics to technology, we have now entered an era in which the speed of incremental improvement will be less important than the ability to cope with the truly new.

In technology we are beginning to build quantum computers, true artificial intelligence, cheap genetic modification and robotics. And in politics we have entered a new era in which the fragmentation caused by unequal access to and adoption of existing innovation may alter prevailing financial and political paradigms. Indeed, the tension between these trends has revived talk of the Fermi Paradox: the lack of intelligent alien life results from the inability of politics and social organizations to keep up with technology.

So what has all that got to do with treasury? Well, its race is the same. Even relatively minor technology transformation can be beyond many firms. Legacy management – people and structures – as much as legacy systems are the issue. So can companies, their business models and their management systems keep up? What happens if they don’t? And what are the best doing that the rest haven’t even thought of?

In this three-day event, treasurers and other experts will explain steps they are taking to deal with macro trends in business and the economy, as well as the key treasury updates needed to maintain best practice globally.

How can treasury skills be mobilized for the whole business? Can treasury data unlock the opportunities hidden in disruption? And what specific improvements are required to maintain treasury excellence in today’s marketplace?

Find out at the leading international treasury event for the Americas.

Key benefits

  • The premier event for senior finance professionals operating in the Americas – bringing together the top treasurers and providers under one roof.
  • Unrivalled networking – connect with over 450 professionals and high-level, international treasurers who want to collaborate and share solutions.
  • Expert speakers – A unique opportunity to hear and meet decision makers from some of the largest corporations operating globally.
  • Case studies from corporate treasurers – hear tried and tested solutions, not sales pitches.
  • EuroFinance is the leading provider of treasury, cash management and risk conferences, training and events.
  • With over 50 events around the world, we have an unrivalled view of global best practice.



  • Approved for up to 13.2 FP&A recertification credits
    by the Association for Financial Professionals.
  • Approved for up to 16.8 CTP/CCM recertification credits
    by the Association for Financial Professionals.

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What some of our conference delegates say about us

"An excellent platform for networking with peers and sharing economic data and best practice real life case studies. Best in the class for this type of event!"

"The speakers were very knowledgeable in their fields and made good use of practical examples in their presentations."